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Exploring the Life and Aesthetics of Lingnan People Through Dance: Premiere of ‘Man Lives Among Flowers’

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The dance drama “Man Lives Among Flowers” is about to premiere

Dance shows the life and aesthetics of Lingnan people

Guangzhou Daily (All Media Reporter Zhang Suqin Correspondent Tang Xiaoting) Recently, the Guangdong Song and Dance Theater’s new masterpiece dance drama “Man Lives Among Flowers” had a media preview. As the closing performance of the Guangzhou Grand Theater’s 7th Women’s Art Festival, the play will officially meet the audience on April 26th and 27th.

The dance drama “Man Lives Among Flowers” invites Fei Bo, a national first-level choreographer and chief choreographer of the National Ballet of China, to serve as the chief director; Wen Fangyi, a young teacher at the School of Liberal Arts of Nanjing University and a doctor of arts, serves as the screenwriter. The work also brings together outstanding artists from all fields of the domestic stage, striving to create a stage work that has a background in life and is full of poetry and majestic imagination.

“A Man Lives Among Flowers” describes how in a small flower shop under the arcade, a mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease struggles with memory and forgetfulness, and her son, who is running around in a sea of people, reconnects with the world under the guidance of flowers. The story of how they meet.

“Guangzhou has a strong cultural atmosphere.” Director Fei Bo hopes to use dance to show the lifestyle and aesthetic style of Lingnan people.

The group dance with unique Lingnan characteristics is extracted from the movements of Dan family women, and at the same time, it cleverly introduces the melody of “Thunder in the Dry Sky” that is familiar to Lingnan people. The music melody of some dance sections is derived from the Dan song “Song of the Four Seasons,” which is a blend of folk songs of the Dan family. “We visualized elements related to Dan family life.”

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Flowers bloom inside and outside the play. The audience follows the footsteps of flowers and feels the close connection between flowers and the city. As Feng Shuangbai, the artistic consultant of the play and chairman of the Chinese Dancers Association, said: “‘Flower’ is the city of Guangzhou.” The most romantic, freest and warmest soul in the city.

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