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Exploring the Unconventional Path: The Literary Works and Artistic Vision of Zhang Guangtian

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The hit screening of “Flowers” once again set off a wave of enthusiasm about Shanghai. There have always been countless novels describing Shanghai. Some people say that Zhang Guangtian’s new work “The Future” is an “800,000-word love letter” dedicated to Shanghai. There are both old Shanghai and new Shanghai in the book, including Aunt Vera who speaks Shanghainese on Henry Road, Allen Ginsberg under the sycamore tree, doctors with special skills in the surrounding towns… outsiders from different time and space and locals alike point to the future with the help of the past.

Avant-garde dramatist, musician, poet, and novelist, Zhang Guangtian has many identities as a creator. Now his latest work, “The Future Can Be Chased”, is set to be released in November 2023 by Sichuan Literature and Art Publishing House, which promises a unique exploration of the city of Shanghai and the intersection of old and new.

Zhang Guangtian, born in Shanghai in 1966, is an influential figure in the arts world. He studied medicine, formed a rock band and a folk band, and composed many well-known movie soundtracks. He is also a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and has made significant contributions to the field of avant-garde literature.

In a recent interview, Zhang Guangtian discussed his diverse creative pursuits and shared insights into his artistic vision. He reflected on his transition from drama to writing, stating that his decision to engage in writing stemmed from a desire to care for his aging parents and a lifelong passion for the literary arts. He emphasized the importance of daily writing and the impact of advancements in information access on his creative process.

Zhang also discussed the themes and narrative methods present in his literary works. He highlighted the significance of storytelling, language construction, and the exploration of multidisciplinary methodologies in his creations. He shared his perspective on contemporary society and life, expressing a deep-rooted belief in the enduring vitality of literature and its ability to transcend time.

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When asked about his next work, Zhang suggested that he was open to fate and the wisdom of resigning oneself to it. He expressed a commitment to continuing his pursuit of literature as a way of life and the rhythm of life.

Zhang Guangtian’s unique approach to storytelling and artistic expression continues to captivate audiences and inspire critical reflection on the evolving landscape of contemporary literature.

This special interview with Zhang Guangtian offers an insightful glimpse into the mind of a prolific creator and sheds light on the enduring legacy of his contributions to the world of art and culture.

Interviewed by Faust | Edited by Lotus | Proofread by Yang Xuli

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