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Fabián Rey to Showcase Vibrant Puerto Rican Art in International Exhibition in Angers, France

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Fabián Rey to Showcase Vibrant Puerto Rican Art in International Exhibition in Angers, France

Fabián Rey, a renowned Puerto Rican artist based in Austin, Texas, has been selected as the representative of the city in a unique international exhibition in Angers, France. Rey will be creating a vibrant mural as part of the Echappée d’Art project, an initiative aimed at rejuvenating the city through art, just in time for the upcoming Summer Olympic Games.

The Echappée d’Art program, organized by the City of Angers since 2016, commenced on September 25th and will continue until October 11th. This project seeks to infuse the streets with artistic expression by inviting artists from across the globe to contribute their creativity to the city’s ever-evolving urban landscape.

Echappée d’Art, as part of the Austin-Angers brotherhood initiative, celebrates cultural unity and diversity through the integration of art in public spaces. In the spirit of Franco-American friendship, Angers will host Fabián Rey, who will create a mural showcasing his unique and colorful style.

Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Fabián Rey has made a significant impact on the art scene in Austin with his vivid and captivating murals. His noteworthy works include Tifo 2023, which he created for the opening match of Austin FC at Q2 Stadium, as well as murals for the Save Zilker Park campaign, the new Austin PBS building, Cap Metro’s first electric bus, and the YMH studios. Fabián has also gained recognition in Puerto Rico for his design and creation of advertising campaigns for national and global brands.

Fabián’s style is distinguished by the incorporation of “Boricua” Spanish words, through which he conveys the culture of the Isla del Encanto (Enchanted Island) in his artwork. The mural he will be presenting and leaving behind in the city of Angers will prominently feature the Puerto Rican flag, serving as a testament to his heritage.

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Echappée d’Art, meaning “Art is in the Street,” is an annual street art initiative in Angers that brings together five artists from around the world to contribute to the vibrant artistic landscape of the city through the creation of murals in various styles. This project underscores Angers’ commitment to cultural exchange and the universality of art.

The mural painted by Fabián Rey will undoubtedly add a touch of Puerto Rican beauty and culture to the city of Angers, blending different artistic traditions in a celebration of creativity and unity.

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