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Fengshen Part I: Director Wu Ershan Unveils Unprecedented Production Challenges as Chinese Mythology Takes New Cinematic Direction

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“Fengshen Part I” Delights Fans at Guangzhou Roadshow

By Huang An, all-media reporter of Guangzhou Daily

Last night, the highly anticipated “Fengshen Part I” held its roadshow in Guangzhou, with director Wu Ershan and the film’s leading actors Fei Xiang, Yu Shi, Huang Xiyan, and Hou Wenyuan in attendance. As the first installment of the epic “Fengshen Trilogy,” the film has garnered significant attention due to its ambitious production and unique storytelling.

During the roadshow, Director Wu Ershan emphasized the immense difficulty in bringing the “Fengshen Trilogy” to life. He stated, “Chinese mythological epic films have never appeared before, let alone the production difficulty of three continuous shootings. In fact, we and the audience have witnessed Chinese films moving to a new page.”

The Guangzhou Roadshow was met with great enthusiasm from the audience. Many viewers expressed their excitement and support, with some even boasting that they had watched the film multiple times. Some viewers were so captivated that they bought tickets to share with friends, ensuring that nobody misses out on this cinematic masterpiece.

One of the highlights of the evening was the appearance of Fei Xiang, a beloved idol from the past. Several viewers brought their mothers to witness the charisma of the famous singer-turned-actor. Fans couldn’t help but express their adoration, shouting, “Mr. Fei Xiang, my mother likes you very much!” Graciously acknowledging their love, Fei Xiang humbly thanked the audience for their unwavering support.

In an exciting revelation, Fei Xiang hinted that his character would have more prominent scenes in the upcoming episodes of the trilogy. He mentioned a rivalry with Wu Xingguo’s character and expressed his desire to seek his assistance. Fei Xiang’s words only served to heighten anticipation among fans for the continuation of the story.

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Director Wu Ershan also shared his emotional connection to the project. He expressed his nostalgic sentiments whenever he saw the cast and crew list, acknowledging the tireless efforts they put into bringing “Fengshen” to life. He emphasized the importance of family and the bonds between fathers and sons, which are central themes in the film. Wu Ershan hopes that “Fengshen” will mark the beginning of a trilogy of mythological films in China.

The production of “Fengshen Part I” spanned a decade, with three films shot continuously over an exhaustive 18-month filming cycle. The monumental task involved a team of over 8,000 individuals and more than 1,500 personnel in post-production. Director Wu Ershan’s unwavering commitment to creating a legendary trilogy is evident in the film’s grand scale and attention to detail.

As “Fengshen Part I” made its mark at the Guangzhou Roadshow, it has become clear that the film has struck a chord with audiences. With its groundbreaking cinematic scope and compelling storytelling, “Fengshen” is poised to redefine the landscape of Chinese mythological epic films, paving the way for future masterpieces.

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