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Financial advisor praises Shen Yun for its rich connotation and enlightenment | Yun Tour Art Troupe | Portland Murrell Theater, USA | Revival of Traditional Culture

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[Epoch Times October 04, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Lin Nanyu reported in Portland, USA) On the evening of October 2, 2021, at the Merrill Auditorium in Portland, the financial consultant Michelle Dubois was arrested by Shen Yun Impressed by the wonderful performance of the touring art troupe, she believes that the message conveyed by Shen Yun is extremely rich in “spiritual connotation and enlightenment.”

“This is largely inspired information, that is, it explains the spiritual enlightenment and philosophy behind the whole show. I think it is very brave to stick to this belief and tell what is happening in some places in China. “Dubois exclaimed.

She felt the beauty of heaven and the protection of mankind from the Shen Yun performance, “(people) must be compassionate and loving, and this is just a transition, another way of entering another life form. Level, and that life will eventually return to the source.”

She believes that people will eventually return to heaven, “melting into this light source of the source of all things.” She said from the first program that the Creator has been caring for mankind, “He has compassion for mankind.”

When she saw a scene in a show where Falun Gong practitioners who believed in “Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance” were persecuted by the CCP, she said, “They took that woman’s heart away. I am very sad and terrifying.” This is persecution. I think the important thing is to let people know what it says is the same as we spread the message of love.”

After learning that some of the relatives of the dancers in the Shen Yun Performing Arts still suffer persecution in mainland China, Dubois said, “That’s why I think it’s a very brave (behavior) to stand up. Because it’s often when someone stands. When you come out, you are a person in front of millions of people, often in full view. It is not easy to hold your heart firmly and stand up on what you think is right, even if many people It may discredit a person because of his or her beliefs.”

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As a result, she felt that Shen Yun artists, in order to revive traditional culture and spread the truth, showed people the Chinese culture before the advent of the Communist Party. Their hard work and dedication were very commendable. “I think this is amazing!” she said, “(If) This kind of art disappears, it will be very sad. It is so important to keep this culture alive. I think this is the tradition, the living tradition!”

Dubois does not want people to ignore this fact, “I think this is very important. Otherwise, we will be melted into a fast-food society and very lack of values.”

She believes that what Shen Yun bestows on the audience is traditional values, “I think it’s perfect to have love, the reincarnation and past lives of people.”

Dubois has received dance training, introduced traditional music programs from all over the world on the radio, and now works as a financial advisor for some trust funds. At the same time, she is also engaged in writing and is writing a novel.

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