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First Macau International Short Film Festival Celebrates Local Talent and Diversity

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The First Macau International Short Film Festival Set to Showcase Local and Global Talent

On February 21st, the inaugural Macau International Short Film Festival held a press conference in Macau, revealing plans for the event scheduled from March 23rd to 30th. The festival will feature an array of activities including an opening ceremony, screenings, workshops, lectures, and a closing award ceremony, all aimed at celebrating local filmmaking in Macao and highlighting the diversity and creativity found in short films.

Co-organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR and Galaxy Entertainment Group, the festival will consist of four main sections: “Macao Short Films”, “New Short Films”, “Focused Filmmakers”, and “Special Screenings”. Each section will showcase a variety of short films, with a special focus on works that capture the unique cultural identity of Macao and present innovative perspectives from emerging filmmakers worldwide.

The “Macao Short Films” section will feature locally-produced shorts that showcase Macao’s cultural heritage and creativity, while the “New Short Films” competition section will present around 20 innovative works from up-and-coming directors. The festival will also pay tribute to renowned Japanese director Shunji Iwai in the “Focused Filmmakers” section and feature works that offer artistic, innovative, and socially insightful perspectives in the “Special Screenings” section.

The closing awards ceremony, scheduled for March 29th, will honor the best short films, technical achievements, and directors in both the “Macao Bunt” and “New Short Film” categories. The festival’s organizing committee, led by Gaia Furrer, will be comprised of esteemed industry professionals from across the globe, ensuring a fair and competitive judging process.

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In addition to the film screenings and awards ceremony, the festival will also host a number of extension activities for film enthusiasts to participate in. Fans can make reservations and register for events through the festival’s official webpage, “Macau International Short Film Festival”.

As anticipation builds for the upcoming event, the Macau International Short Film Festival promises to be a showcase of creativity, talent, and cultural diversity for both local and international audiences to enjoy.

Text: Reporter Wang Li
Editor: Zhan Xiwei

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