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For L’Oréal, research passes through sustainability and new technologies

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For L’Oréal, research passes through sustainability and new technologies

«L’Oréal was founded by a scientist and research has always been the basis of its model. And it still is. Today, however, research is also called upon to play a role in the field of sustainability ». Barbara Lavernos, deputy chief executive officer of the L’Oréal group and number one in research, innovation and technology, talks about how the French cosmetics giant is facing the challenges of change imposed by the pandemic and digitalization.

“Our 4,000 scientists around the world have a single goal: to innovate to provide our brands and consumers with the best of science and to create beauty experiences that meet their needs and aspirations – he says -. We also devote a lot of energy to reduce the environmental footprint of our formulas and to respect biodiversity thanks to a sustainable and responsible sourcing policy. 59% of our raw materials come from renewable plant sources and 80% are biodegradable. In 2030, 95% of our ingredients will be biobased, derived from abundant minerals or from circular processes ».

Recently at VivaTech 2022, the technology and innovation fair in Paris, the group presented the Retail Lab, dedicated to sustainable materials – from recycled plastic to sustainable wood to mushroom-based materials – for packaging and displays in points of sale; and the partnership with Breezometer, a climate technology company, to study innovations that protect and preserve skin health against allergens and pollution.

“In Paris, we presented several technological innovations representative of how all our brands and divisions are innovating for sustainability, greater inclusiveness and personalization in beauty. But for me, the main demonstration is that technology, based on the science of algorithms, artificial intelligence and the knowledge of machinery and formulations, allows us to invent new experiences and pushes us into the future: the next frontier will be the metaverse ». And he concludes: «We are facing the post Covid period with resilience, trust and success: we see no reason to be pessimistic. Despite the economic uncertainty, people do not give up on small luxuries such as a lipstick or a perfume and we, with our broad portfolio of brands, can satisfy every need ».

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