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Former SM Entertainment CEO, Lee Soo Man, Sets Eyes on China’s Idol Audition Market

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Li Xiuman, founder of SM Entertainment, is currently in Beijing, China, where he plans to hold an audition that has captured the public’s attention. According to Korean media reports, Lee Soo Man is focusing on the Chinese market and targeting Chinese teenagers for an idol audition. He is said to be accompanied by his friend Kim Han Goo and other industry professionals.

Sources within the music industry reveal that Lee Soo Man has been interested in the Chinese market for a long time and has been staying in Beijing recently. This move comes after SM Entertainment officially announced Lee Soo Man’s withdrawal from the company, sparking anger from the founder. However, he eventually sold his equity to HYBE, Bang Si Hyuk’s company, setting off an equity war between SM and HYBE, which ultimately ended in SM’s favor.

Following his departure from SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man has established a new personal company and has been diligently working on his new projects, with a special focus on the Chinese market. This decision reflects his long-standing interest in expanding his influence in China.

The upcoming audition organized by Li Xiuman has generated anticipation and curiosity among fans and aspiring idols alike. With his vast experience in the music industry and his keen eye for talent, it is expected that Lee Soo Man’s audition will introduce new stars to the Chinese entertainment scene.

As Lee Soo Man continues to pave his way in the Chinese market, his influence and expertise are likely to shape the future of the industry. With his strategic vision and dedication, we can expect great things from his new ventures.

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Original title: Li Xiuman will be drafted in China and is very interested in the Chinese market.

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