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French Sisley Almighty Emulsion Limited Edition Tour Exhibition opens for a limited time to explore the secret realm of “Almighty” plant extract

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French Sisley Almighty Emulsion Limited Edition Tour Exhibition opens for a limited time to explore the secret realm of “Almighty” plant extract

French Sisley all-purpose lotion limited edition tour exhibition opens for a limited time

Feng Wuyingge explores the secret realm of “almighty” plant extracts

From July 27th to August 9th, 2022, the limited edition tour exhibition of the all-around lotion of Sisley, Phoenix and Yingge, France will be opened for a limited time in Shanghai Ganghui Plaza 66. The design of the exhibition area continues the concept of the limited edition bottle, creating a spirit bird flying under the oriental fantasy sky. The scene makes people immersed in nature, enjoy the colorful plant extracts, and have endless interest. During the same period, from July 29th to August 7th, the limited edition tour exhibition of the all-around emulsion of Sisley, Fengwuyingge, France will also appear in Guangzhou Tianhuan Square. This summer, Sisley of France will once again pass on the charm of the plant extract of the all-round lotion, and invite you to experience the oriental charm of the French skin care family, and jointly explore the secret realm of plant extracts with luxuriant vegetation and phoenix dances.

In 2018, French Sisley paid tribute to the classics and used art as a brush to create a limited-edition all-purpose lotion for the first time, which was a great success around the world. Since then, the limited-edition all-purpose lotion every year has become a must-buy and collection item for lovers. Now, for the fifth year in a row, the brand has created a limited-edition bottle for its global best-selling classic, the All-Around Lotion. Inspired by Chinese blue-and-white porcelain, Polish artist Elzbieta Radziwill used poetic brushstrokes to outline the colorful birds, the wildly stretched branches and leaves, and vividly depict the vivid breath of animals and plants living in nature. Once again, pay tribute to nature and pay tribute to A classic all-round lotion enriched with botanical extracts.

The design inspiration of this exhibition is derived from the elements in the limited edition bottle of the all-around lotion by the French Sisley, the phoenix, the dance and the song When I stretched out, I could hear the melodious chirping of the nightingale in my ears. French Sisley presented the artistic creation outlined on its bottle to us in a grander manner: the flower and bird fans with classical Chinese style were hung between the booths, which seemed to tell us the beautiful implication brought by the limited edition all-around lotion; classic The star product, the all-around lotion, falls on the light and colorful branches and leaves, showing the new source of high-tech plant essence and the light and moist texture of the lotion. Bondage yearns for a sense of freedom. The ingenuity about natural plant extracts exists in every design, perfectly presenting the artistic feelings of the limited edition of the French Sisley Phoenix Dance Yingge Almighty Emulsion.


Brand official map

Stepping into the booth, what catches the eye under the sky is the limited edition three-dimensional decoration of the French Sisley Fengwuyingge Almighty Emulsion. It is half-opened, expressing the detachment from restraint and introducing the guests to the leisurely natural scenery. of good yearning.

Entering the booth, one side is the “consultation experience area”. The red wrought iron shrouded design reflects the wonderful fusion of French light luxury retro style and oriental ancient charm. Here, guests can enjoy the French Sisley Soothing and Softening Hand Treatment. Even in the busy city, they can find a quiet place in the secret land of Sisley, France, to enjoy the ultimate luxury skin care experience, and feel the essence contained in nature. Endless possibilities.

On the other side is the “photographing area”, where guests can record and take pictures. The outer curtain was half-covered, and it was dotted with graceful spirit birds that danced freely among the branches. Sitting in it, it is as if you are on the picture scroll.

An exquisite self-service pie machine is also set up next to the area, so that the wonderful skin care experience can continue. You are cordially invited to go to Shanghai Grand Plaza 66 and Guangzhou Tianhuan Parc Central. Sisley of France will meet you in the secret realm of phoenix dance and yingge to explore and discover the endless beauty of the complex plant world.


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The multi-action formula of the French Sisley’s ace single product all-around lotion has always been fearless the test of time and will always lead the skin care trend. Its core is to nourish the skin from the inside, maintain the skin’s balance and health, enhance the skin’s immunity, and repair the skin’s barrier. Its lightweight liquid texture is suitable for all skin types, conditioning the skin without being sticky and leaving a scent of natural botanicals. The precious botanical ingredients and moisturizing touch of the all-purpose lotion make it popular all over the world, and it has already become a royal single product for the royal family and celebrities.


Brand official map

French Sisley Almighty Emulsion Phoenix Dance Yingge Limited Edition

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