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Greco to ITS students on Tourism: “Entering the Egyptian Museum will be free”

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TURIN. It is a goal that can be achieved in the medium / long term, and for the Egyptian Museum it is a very ambitious if not revolutionary challenge, at least in Italy. «In 5, 10 years my hope is to bring the Egyptian Museum to have a free admission ticket. As soon as we are able to have a business plan that allows us to support ourselves without making visitors pay the ticket, our will is to remove the ticket “. This was said yesterday by the director of the Egyptian Museum Christian Greco, invited to hold a lectio magistralis in the Piazza dei Mestieri addressed to 80 (enthusiastic and interested) students of the 1st year of the ITS Tourism and Cultural Activities of the Piedmont Region, of which the ‘Ascom is a founding member, for the inauguration of the two-year courses.

«I believe that the visit to the exhibits must be free, and the museum must find its forms of income in innovation and in the transmission of research. Why do people pay 1400 euros to go to the Regio? Because he believes in what the actors do. We archaeologists obviously fail to convey this, but we cannot think that our source of income is opening the door of a museum. This should be given to everyone ».

And if the Egyptian is still working to find a second home in the city to “split” and expand its spaces, Greco in addition to exhorting the re-evaluation of the humanities and to approve the choice to remove the “t” of Mibact because tourism is not an appendix of culture, yesterday he launched a challenge to politics: “we bring the specialization schools of our sector to 4 years, paying the students, and doing 2 years of training in the classroom and the others in heritage sites, such as the Egyptian – says the director, who said he had discovered what he wanted to do in life at the age of 12 during a trip to Egypt -. In this way, the children could organize not only guided tours but tell the results of their research, as if they were a human app “

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