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Han Yan’s new film “I Love You! “The first exposed poster previews the full play-bone lineup to interpret the love story at the end of life jqknews

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Han Yan’s new film “I Love You! “The first exposed poster previews the full play-bone lineup to interpret the love story at the end of life jqknews

Today (June 17), directed by Han Yan, starring Ni Dahong and Hui Yinghong, with special performances by Tony Leung and Tong YeReality theme warm film “I love you! 》Expose the first poster, and release the theme notices of “Love to Old” and “Love Not to Old”. The film is adapted from Jiang Cao’s original comic of the same name, telling the pure and passionate love story of two pairs of elderly people in ordinary life at the end of their lives. At present, the filming of the film has been completed, and the post-production is under intense post-production.

Movie “I Love You! ” will continue director Han Yan’s previous work “Get Out!” The discussion on the meaning of life in “Tumor Jun” and “Send You a Little Red Flower”, showing the infinite power of love. At the same time, unlike the previous two films that focused on the life experience of “youth” and “juvenile” respectively, “I Love You!” “Rarely focuses on the elderly group that can be seen everywhere in life but is often overlooked. It revolves around the life stories and experiences of the four elderly people in their later years, which not only extends the discussion boundary of life issues in the first two films, but also enriches the domestic screen. The very rare image of old age encourages every ordinary you and me to think and imagine how to grow old.

Four old people and two lovers still love you even if life is late

The three materials released in the film today have their own characteristics, and four top-level powerful actorsNi Dahong, Hui Yinghong, Leung Ka Fai, and Ye Tong’s backs are full of atmosphere in the first posters, and they are outlined with more intentional details. In the picture, the four old people are standing or sitting, resting under the lush green shade, and the fallen leaves cover their figures stained with the traces of the years. It not only has the daily feeling of watching the scenery, but also is full of stories and intriguing. The elephant standing alone in the center of the poster carries an important and profound meaning in the film, making people wonder how this mysterious life will connect with the four protagonists.

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The trailers of “Love Never Gets Old” and “Love Until You Get Old” revealed the different emotional relationships of the two protagonists: one is a twilight love that doesn’t know each other, but is as romantic as first love, and the other is to accompany each other for a lifetime. loving couple. In the trailer of “Love Never Gets Old”, the two old men played by Ni Dahong and Hui Yinghong were throbbing with each other, but they dared not confirm their hearts. It was not until a simple and plain confession “I love you so much” that the stalemate between the two was broken. They were immersed in love, as if they had regained the courage and impulse of their youth – I love you, love is immortal. In the “Love to Old” trailer, the couple played by Tony Leung and Tong Ye are in another emotional state. The two old people looked at each other deeply, and repeatedly described each other’s appearance in their hearts. Their eyes were full of unbearable love and pity. The gray hair on the temples is the testimony of their hand in hand through this life – I love you, love until old age. The sick wife’s soft “thank you”, full of happiness and sorrow, has a heavy weight, which is heart-warming, her eyes are moist, and the two old people weep together. The lively, natural and tense acting skills of the four old actors are admirable, and I look forward to what wonderful performances they will give together in the movie.

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Actor and actress Ni Dahong, Huiying Hong, Liang Jiahui, Ye Tong, collide with fireworks on the screen

Movie “I Love You! “In addition to the continuation of the theme of life with director Han Yan’s previous works, it is also the successor to “Get Out!” After “Tumor Jun” and “Animal World“, he once again explored the creation of comics. Adhering to the creative concept of warm depiction on the basis of realism, the film is bound to add a touch of novelty to the field of domestic reality-themed films. The film also attracted four top powerful actors Ni Dahong, Hui Yinghong, Leung Ka Fai, and Ye Tong to co-star. They not only represent works of equal quality, but have also won domestic mainstream performance awards since the film. Ni Dahong was shortlisted for the Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award and won the Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award for Best Actor; Hui Yinghong won the Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Actress three times, and once won the Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award for Best Actress; Liang Jiahui and Ye Tong They have won the best actor four times and the best actress twice at the Hong Kong Film Awards respectively… When the four “playable” actors get together, they will definitely collide with fans and fans. The audience expects the fireworks on the screen.

It is reported that the film “I Love You! “The filming has been completed, and the release date will be announced on another date.

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