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“Haqiu Loves the Beautiful” Chengdu launches Bai Xuhan’s lively interpretation of urban inspirational life

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Recently, the comedy theater film “Haqiu Loves the Beautiful” held a launch ceremony. The film is directed by Hong Kong director Qin Xiaozhen, with Sang Xiaolin as screenwriter, well-known comedian Wang Zulan as producer, and Pan Binlong, Mu Qi Miya, Xu Juncong and Bai Xuhan. Wait for the actors to co-star. The movie revolves around the strong conflict between urban men and women and primitive tribes, which constantly brings the audience a burden of laughter. Among them, the emerging actor Bai Xuhan plays the model Angel who walks on the edge of the fashion circle. Bring an urban inspirational story of joy to the enemy.

In “Haqiu Loves the Beautiful”, Angel, played by Bai Xuhan, is a positive and enterprising urban independent woman. In the play, she has completed her life transformation from being unfamiliar to well-known, and she is composed of many leading actors. The joy of the enemy brings happiness to the audience and at the same time contains inspirational energy. As a 2021 graduate of the Department of Performance of Communication University of China, Bai Xuhan challenged the extremely challenging comedy subject matter for the first time when he hit the big screen. He partnered with many well-known actors such as Pan Binlong and Xu Juncong. The accumulated and private efforts can be seen. From Angel, who is unwilling to the ordinary in “Haqiu Loves the Beautiful”, to Bai Xuhan, a young actor who works hard in real life, is bringing a subtle positive impact to the audience through his own little actions.

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It is reported that the film “Haqiu Loves the Beauty” will be fully filmed at the end of November and will meet with the audience in 2022. What kind of joy will the main actors bring to the audience? What kind of screen answers will the actor Bai Xuhan bring? Let us look forward to “Haqiu Loves Beauty” and lock on Bai Xuhan!

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