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HARM´S WAY – Common Suffering

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HARM´S WAY – Common Suffering

Common Suffering
(Metallic Hardcore)

Label: Metal Blade
Format: (LP)

Release: 29.09.2023

After a considerable break, our favorite Chicago metallic hardcore ragers HARM’S WAY are back, and it’s always good when you can rely on certain constants. Because on “Common Suffering” the quintet does what they do best, namely mercilessly angry metal hardcore that basically doesn’t leave much room for innovation.

But the two opening neckbreakers “Silent Wolf” and “Denial” not only crush everything that stands in their way, but there is also a clear death metal groove noticeable in the soundtrack, which gives the songs even – yes, that’s possible – more brutality lost. But HARM’S WAY know how to surprise even further, so on the already very Industrial-leaning “Undertow” you can hear a female voice that belongs to none other than the great KING WOMAN and is a little reminiscent of the colleagues from CODE ORANGE, and so the second one Half of the album heralded in which the quintet not only picks up the pace twice with the expansive “Terrorizer” and the concluding “Wanderer” but also creates a sludgy post-metal atmosphere.

In short; The band not only continues the path they took on “Posthuman” more than consistently, but also comes out of the speakers a lot harder and more brutal on “Common Suffering” due to the much more versatile songwriting. HARM’S WAY remain more than true to their mission of providing the ultimate soundtrack for humble days.

Tracklist „Common Suffering“:

1. Silent Wolf
2. Denial
3. Hollow Cry
4. Devour
5. Undertow
6. Heaven’s Call
7. Cyanide
8. Terrorizer
9. Sadist Guilt
10. Wanderer
Total playing time: –

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