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Historic storm caused flooding in Corrientes: “the worst natural catastrophe”

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Historic storm caused flooding in Corrientes: “the worst natural catastrophe”

The Municipality of Corrientes indicated this Sunday that the city is going through “the worst natural catastrophe in history”, after a storm after which 300 millimeters of water fell in a few hours left numerous areas flooded, with destruction of infrastructure, homes completely covered of water and self-evacuated. Due to the situation, the public transportation service is interrupted and classes were suspended.

The municipal authorities of Corrientes announced this Sunday that people will be evacuated of the areas most affected by the flooding caused by the rainfall that between 2 and 6 this morning caused the fall of 200 millimeters of water.

Through a statement, the management of the superintendent Eduardo Tassano assured that “a natural catastrophe reached the city this morning causing collapse in drainage systems given the amount of water that fell and the strong winds in a very short period of time.” And they stressed that it is the “worst natural catastrophe since official records exist.”

The statement listed flooding ehflooding in streets and homesblowing up roofs, falling poles, walls, trees, signs, among others who will sue reconstruction and assistance work for “the next 48 hours,” he said. Municipal Undersecretary of Risks and Catastrophes, José Ruiz

“Unfortunately there were floods and very damaged sectors because the reality is what we always tell: the city’s drains cannot cope with these intense phenomena, no matter how unclogged and clean they are. It is like unloading a 500-liter tank into a kitchen sink at once, it is clearly going to collapse,” the official compared and highlighted that 250 millimeters of rain were exceeded throughout Sunday morning.

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They also registered intense gusts of wind of up to 38.6 kilometers per hour, which left as a result the fall of a historic mural from the convent of San Francisco on Plaza Italia, in the downtown area.

The mural evokes the life of the Guaraní aborigine from the arrival of the conquerors until the 20th centurypassing through different passages of Corrientes culture.

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Furthermore, there was roof blasting on the campus of the Faculty of Law of the National University of the Northeast (UNNE)in the north of the city.

To the images of the storm are added that of floating cars on the streets, people moving by boatflooded houses and even looted shops. Furthermore, there were numerous power outagesmany of whom were also preventive until the water went down.

Images went viral on social networks showing cars swept away by the current and a level of water that reached the doors of the houses. Many neighbors spent the night trying to prevent him from entering their homes and protecting their valuables.

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It is Monday it was decided that there will be no classes in the city of Corrientes and in the surrounding areas. “Given the heavy rainfall and the storm that affects the city of Corrientes, we inform that Classes are suspended for Monday, March 4, in all public and private schools in the Capital department and nearby areas.“, indicated from the provincial government.

Orange alert for Corrientes

In its forecast for this Sunday, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) had anticipated a Orange alert for Corrientes, where storms were expected with estimates of accumulated precipitation values ​​between 60 and 110 millimeters (mm).

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The orange level implies “dangerous meteorological phenomena for society, life, property and the environment”, which is why the SMN recommended to the population stay in closed constructions such as houses, schools or buildings; stay away from electrical appliances and avoid using corded phones; If traveling, stay inside the vehicle; avoid driving on flooded or affected streets; and if there is a risk of water entering the homes, cut off the power supply.

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