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Horror in Corrientes: 100 dogs were killed with poisoned meat and two neighbors are hospitalized

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Horror in Corrientes: 100 dogs were killed with poisoned meat and two neighbors are hospitalized

The province of Corrientes is the scene of a terrifying maneuver that
caused the death of at least 100 dogs who developed a table of
acute poisoning resulting from mass poisoning. The situation also affected some neighbors who required medical attention for having come into contact with the chemical.

The case caused a great commotion in the Hipódromo neighborhood, in the
Corrientes town of Mburucuyá. There they found remains of meat adulterated with an agrochemical on the street, which is why the researchers They have already ruled out the hypothesis of accidental poisoning of pets.

“The poisonings were not due to fumigation, but because in the neighborhood, on the street, they threw meat with the poison,” veterinarian Sebastián Guastavino, who was familiar with the case that shocked the citizens of Corrientes, told the Télam agency.

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Rejected the hypothesis of poisoning caused by fumigation, the
professional concluded that “there is a person who poisoned meat and went out and threw it on public roads.”

Regarding the poison used by the aggressor, the veterinarian spoke of “a very powerful pesticide that is prohibited throughout the world.”. A quarter of a milliliter is enough to kill a person.”.

“Whoever does this does not have time to treat them in time. 95% did not reach a good ending,” Guastavino pointed out.

During the month, cases of pets dying from
having come into contact with an agrochemical that is used to weed crops. Taking into account the high level of toxicity of the substance and its notable harmful potential, they assume that it is a prohibited additive.

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Two people hospitalized

Two people who tried to help the animals and came into contact with the dangerous chemical were hospitalized.

“The owners of these pets came into contact with the toxic agent when trying to resuscitate or save their animals in some way, such as with CPR maneuvers, and for that reason they also had to be assisted,” specified veterinarian Guastavino.

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In this context, a group of victims filed a complaint and put into effect
knowledge of the case to non-governmental and environmental organizations that are dedicated to protecting animals.

“On January 27 I took my dogs for a walk and when I returned they entered
knocking down When we wanted to call the vet, They were foaming at the mouth and they already died, all very quickly.“, revealed a neighbor from Mburucuyá in radio statements collected by Currents Today.


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