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“I wanted to hug one of them in the grave and he refused”

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“I wanted to hug one of them in the grave and he refused”

The Fort brothers, Marta y Felipegave an interview in the last hours in which they referred to the complaint made by the nephews of the deceased Gustavo Martinezagainst the family that owns the well-known chocolates.

When asked by an Intruders notero, for America, Felipe pointed against his tutor’s heirs and said: “If they had been good to us, they would have understood our situation. I wanted to hug one of the boys and he denied me in the middle of the grave“, he recalled painfully.

In the complaint filed, Martinez’s nephews filed a legal complaint against the Fort family so that it compensates for the years that their uncle spent in the care of the brothers, without receiving any salary for it.

According to what was published by some media, the Justice ruled in favor of the complainants and although at first there was talk of 30 million pesos as the maximum figure, the amount It would climb to 45 million to the detriment of the owners of the chocolate shop.

The detail of the complaint that bothered the Fort twins

Among the demands of the affected party, it also transpired that it was contemplated that the corresponding payment for Martínez’s nephews he had to leave the patrimonial third of the Fort twinswhich caused the disgust of adolescents.

However, Felipe, who took the floor in the face of his sister Marta’s refusal, explained that “no problem with the claim“But he clarified:” What bothers me is that they were not there all their lives and only in the last two years did they appear.

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