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IGN Rates “马里奥vs疯狂兄弟” 7 Out of 10

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IGN Rates “马里奥vs疯狂兄弟” 7 Out of 10

The Mandarin publication, Game Star, has recently released a review of the popular game “Mario vs Donkey Kong” with a rating of 7/10. The review describes the game as being a successful update from the 2004 GBA version. It acknowledges the game’s strengths in puzzle-solving within an engaging and immersive environment and its ability to revamp traditional gameplay mechanics.

While the review does mention some shortcomings in the game’s execution, it ultimately praises the game for its unique artistic style and the introduction of interesting new gameplay features. The article concludes with the disclaimer that the views expressed are solely those of the author and do not represent the publication as a whole.

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