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“I’m tired of being superficial.”

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“I’m tired of being superficial.”

In the last few hours there has been a lot of talk about the separation of Nito Artaza and Cecilia Milone because there are those who claim that Belén Di Giorgio, a friend of the dancer, is the third in contention.

Cecilia and Nito have an apartment in Mar del Plata. One night the neighbors call the police because they hear screams. Supposedly they were not there, since she works in Capital and he in Uruguay, and it was not rented either, so the neighbors think it was a robbery.

Milone arrived at the apartment in the middle of all that mess and found Artaza with another person. According to Marcela Tauro, the building’s doorman had to help that person leave the place. “This was in January, not last year,” said the panelist who could not confirm whether the third party was a star.

However, the production of the cycle obtained an audio of a person who spoke about a third party in disagreement. Flor de la V commented that it was not about Belén, but about someone else, suggesting that there were many other lovers.

Gladys Florimonte was in Intrusos and there she commented that, according to her experience and what she could see, Belén was always by Nito’s side. “In the dressing rooms, they closed the door and what do I know. The only dressing room open was mine, then they were all closed,” she remarked.

When they asked him if, having known Nito well and from so many years of working together, he did not suspect Belén, Florimonte assured that at first it seemed strange to him. “But well, since they were very friends with Cecilia and the three of them got together… When there are three, there’s one left over, it’s my opinion,” she declared.

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As for whether she was surprised by the news, Gladys said: “I wasn’t surprised at all because at some point it was going to come out. I don’t take anything for granted, they can be friends. I don’t think they had an open relationship with Cecilia, she’s a good girl, the three of them were always there, kissing and hugging. He is a hummingbird.”

What Cecilia Milone said about her separation from Nito Artaza

“I am very moved by the show. Each performance is very moving. Art saves us all. The stage is a safe place,” Cecilia Milone began by saying when the AméricaTV cycle reporter asked her about her emotional state.

Regarding the publications he was making on social networks, where he shares motivational or profound phrases, he commented: “I am going to make a lot of posts because I feel that I am simply exercising who I am.”

Then, when asked if she could say that she is separated, she chose to respond: “I will never speak again without poetry. Florencia is there, I look into her eyes, you took off your makeup in front of the camera. I need to do it in writing, it is a sacrament with myself. “I’m tired of being superficial.”

“I got bored of my mom telling me ‘you’re too sensitive.’ I don’t want to be told that anymore. If I want, I am sensitive,” she continued, verbose.

Regarding the photos that were known of Artaza in Punta del Este with Belén, he expressed: “I sing tango. What a beach, what a mesh, tango, poetry. Enough. I dedicate all the tangos to myself. Does it seem to you that I’m alone? With the love I have in that scenario, enough of screwing people with who they have to have sex with because otherwise they get depressed. “Defend your soul, be with people who love you, at work, in the family, enough, it’s over.”

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“You are all alone, know that. We are all alone, so be happy, and do what fills your heart. “For me, I like to sing and write,” Milone closed.

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