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In Sicily an offer for tourists is too complicated

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These days the Region of Sicily is advertising the See Sicily offer: if you buy two nights in a hotel, the third is free and you can have access to additional benefits such as excursions, guided tours, diving or entrances to places of culture. The Achilles’ heel of the offer consists in the fact that tourists are not allowed freedom of choice: it is compulsory to plan the visit to Sicily through authorized agencies or tour operators to whom it is necessary to communicate the arrival and departure dates to get a quote.

The cumbersome system, albeit dictated by the need to involve the entire supply chain in this moment of crisis, will end up discouraging many users and everything will result in a waste of public resources given the high costs of advertising. It would have been more appropriate to use the mechanism of the Piedmont Region which offered two free nights in affiliated hotels on payment of a single night, having everything managed by the accommodation facilities.

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