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In the Presence of Absence: Desert X AlUla 2024

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In the Presence of Absence: Desert X AlUla 2024

Art Exhibition “In the Presence of Absence” to Showcase Contemporary Works in Desert X AlUla 2024

The annual contemporary art exhibition Desert X AlUla is back in 2024, and this year’s iteration is called “In the Presence of Absence.” Curated by Maya El Khalil and Marcello Dantas, it is the third edition of Desert X AlUla, inviting artists and audiences to contemplate empty, “invisible” spaces and how the exhibited works dialogue with the surrounding desert.

For the first time, works will be exhibited simultaneously in three locations: Wadi AlFann, Harrat Uwayrid, and alManshiyah Plaza. Each area challenges viewers to “adjust their perspective and face the invisible aspects of this place with reverence, attuned to the forces, rhythms, and processes that shape landscapes in imperceptible ways,” as stated by Maya El Khalil. The works will depict and engage with ephemeral phenomena, such as the movement of light or the erosion of wind, acting through these forces to reveal the immortal meaning of what exists.

Highlight installations include a stadium by Ayman Yossri Daydban, a melted sculpture reflecting desert rock paint by Aseel AlYaqoub, and a rainbow tunnel by Korean conceptual artist Kimsooja.

Desert X AlUla 2024 will be held from February 9 to March 23. Interested readers may wish to visit the official website to learn more. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience thought-provoking contemporary art in the midst of the breathtaking desert landscape.

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