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Jackie Chan: The Little Man Spirit and the Rise of ‘Big Brother’ on Kuaishou

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Jackie Chan: The Little Man Spirit and the Rise of ‘Big Brother’ on Kuaishou

Title: Jackie Chan, the Beloved “Big Brother,” Joins Kuaishou: A Grand Event for “Ordinary People”


Renowned actor and martial arts icon, Jackie Chan, has joined Kuaishou, marking his entry into the world of short video social media platforms. Within hours of joining, Jackie Chan amassed over 10 million followers, and the numbers continue to grow rapidly. The overwhelming response highlights his enduring popularity and the excitement people feel about connecting with their beloved “Big Brother” off the big screen.

Jackie Chan’s Humble Beginnings and Rise to Fame:

Jackie Chan was born into poverty and began his journey to stardom when he was sent to a theatrical troupe at the age of seven. Working in the Shaw Brothers studio, he started as a martial artist and gradually worked his way up to become an international star. Known as the “only” Kung Fu superstar in the hearts of countless Chinese, Jackie Chan’s contributions to the film industry were recognized with an Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016.

The Little Man Spirit and Civilian Hero Image:

What makes Jackie Chan endearing to his fans is his embodiment of the “little man” spirit. Regardless of his fame and success, he remains humble, kind-hearted, and relatable. He is not afraid to make mistakes, show vulnerability, and embrace the challenges and pain that come with his craft. Through his on-screen persona and personal character, Jackie Chan has popularized the concept of the “civilian hero,” resonating with audiences across generations.

Jackie Chan’s Dedication and Perseverance:

Jackie Chan’s career has been built on dedication, hard work, and a commitment to doing his own stunts. He has embraced a fearless attitude, often risking his own safety for the sake of creating thrilling action sequences. Despite facing multiple injuries throughout his career, Jackie Chan consistently maintains a positive and upbeat outlook. His resilience and determination have inspired countless individuals both on and off the screen.

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The Reunion on Kuaishou:

By joining Kuaishou, Jackie Chan has provided his fans with a more intimate and informal platform to connect with him. In his first video on the platform, he affectionately referred to his followers as “old iron,” showcasing his down-to-earth nature. He thrilled fans by recreating iconic moments from his movies, highlighting his enduring charm and playful personality. Subsequently, Jackie Chan also posted content on self-defense and shared his amusing stories about raising dogs, demonstrating his willingness to explore new topics and engage with his audience.

The Perfect Match: Jackie Chan and Kuaishou:

Kuaishou’s vibrant and lively community perfectly aligns with the spirit of Jackie Chan’s Chengshi Kung Fu comedy. Unlike other platforms, Kuaishou offers a more casual and unrestrained atmosphere, allowing fans to witness the true joy and emotions of their favorite celebrities. Jackie Chan’s presence on Kuaishou brings an added level of excitement to the platform, as fans eagerly anticipate his regular updates and interactions.


Jackie Chan’s entry into Kuaishou has created a grand event for “ordinary people” who are excited to reconnect with their beloved “Big Brother.” With his millions of followers and the overwhelming response to his content, it is evident that Jackie Chan’s influence and charm continue to captivate audiences, proving that he is not only an accomplished actor but also a cherished figure in the hearts of people worldwide.

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