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Jam Hsiao assists Zheng Ronghe’s “Forbidden Love Clause” to complete the MV shooting in a different place-Shangbao Indonesia

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June 17, 2021 20:54 PM


Jam Hsiao assists Zheng Ronghe’s new song “Prohibition of Love Clause”

The Korean Orchestra CNBLUE lead singer Jung Rong-ho’s first Chinese EP “He. “Sing STAY IN TOUCH” will be officially released on June 22. The third wave will feature “Forbidden Love Clause”, and will join hands with Jam Hsiao, which is very exciting! Zheng Ronghe expressed his gratitude. Under the leadership of Lao Xiao, the praise inspired his way of interpreting this song. When the MV was filmed, although the two were separated from each other, they perfectly combined and performed the song and the MV. The “Forbidden Love Clause” MV premiered on June 16.

The promotion of this cooperation began with Zheng Ronghe’s appreciation of Xiao Jingteng. Zheng Ronghe said that he had listened to Lao Xiao’s music in the past and was impressed by his charm and explosiveness on stage. Therefore, through the staff arrangement, the two had this time. Formal collaboration in music. Although unable to work face-to-face, Zheng Ronghe shared the heart-warming little story of Lao Xiao during the recording process. Because he is not very familiar with Chinese and is still groping for pronunciation, Lao Xiao carefully sings the entire song during his busy schedule, so that he can grasp the words of the entire song more quickly and accurately. Zheng Ronghe is quite equal to this. thank. Regarding the “Prohibition of Love Clause”, Lao Xiao said that he liked the lyrics of the song very much. The first time I saw the lyrics, there was a picture in his mind, and he laughed that it was like a Korean drama. When asked, “Will you want to impose a’forbidden love clause’ on fans?”, he joked: “No, try to come!”

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In the MV shooting, the two were also recorded separately in two separate places. Although they did not face each other, they imagined that each other was right in front of them. Old Xiao laughed and said that he acted entirely by imagination, and the MV also shot each other when facing love. The mood of suspicion.


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