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JD.com’s main book list for December released World Cup elements to lead year-end reading trend_Messi_Times_Works

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JD.com’s main book list for December released World Cup elements to lead year-end reading trend_Messi_Times_Works

Original title: Jingdong Books’ main list of books in December released World Cup elements to lead the year-end reading trend

The short books in the day are long, and the winter warmth is read first. Reading is not only a pursuit to explore the essence of life, but also a way to increase experience and realize the accumulation of self-worth. Time flies, and the end of the year is approaching. Jingdong Books’ main book list in December also uses a selection of good books to sort out cultural memories worth following and remembering for the coming 2022.

At present, the eyes of football fans all over the world are on Qatar’s green field. The World Cup, which started in 1930, has recorded too many glorious moments and youthful imprints, but few people can understand the past and present of this event. It’s like a treasure. And “Football Temple: Complete History of the World Cup with Pictures and Texts (Collector’s Edition)” can reveal all the secrets of the World Cup for us. With 800,000 words of archaeological records and 1,000 photos of colorful moments, it creates an encyclopedia of the World Cup for senior sports fans and sports practitioners. When it comes to football, who can bypass Messi, who has long been a legend? Zhang Jiawei, a well-known sports author, wrote in depth about Messi’s green career and his sportsmanship, showing fans the legendary life of this ambitious, competitive, 21st century football king.

The legend does not only exist in the green field. The writer Huo Da also left a strong mark on Chinese literature with “The Funeral of Muslims”. The collection of novels, a masterpiece with genuine sales exceeding 5 million copies, also ushered in a new revised edition for the 35th anniversary, and the carefully proofreaded text will continue to pay tribute to everyone who wants to transcend their own destiny. And the winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize for Literature, the famous contemporary French female writer Anne Erno also used “A Woman’s Story” to outline to us touching memories about mothers and daughters, youth and aging, dreams and reality.

We are all rushing forward in the torrent of the times. In Ma Boyong’s new full-length historical novel “The Great Doctor: Sunrise”, it is the first time to describe the troubled times in the late Qing Dynasty from the perspective of a doctor. The growth history of three young doctors shows the ups and downs of the great changes in the millennium. The whole book is readable as a mystery novel The heavy sense of sex and real history, trying to reproduce that turbulent era for readers through the doctor’s perspective. Famous writer and screenwriter Zhou Meisen uses “The Great Game” to wonderfully depict three former classmates and three entrepreneurs full of dreams. In order to realize the long-term development of China National Heavy Duty Truck Industry, a series of thrilling battles are launched. game. Following “Winter Swimming” and “Carefree Tour”, writer Ban Yu’s third collection of novels “Slow Steps” uses virtual scenes to keep an eye on absent memories, and interprets new realities with new languages.

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Facing the era of uncertainty, how should we deal with ourselves? In the book “Let’s not rush, let’s come to Japan for a long time”, 34 classic essays bring the real feelings in the world, so that people who are gradually lost in life can rediscover the warmth and sunshine around them. The sun is just right, time is not old. In the newly revised “Mountain Dwelling Miscellaneous Memories” in 2022, the authors Gao Songfen and Xu Jiazhen, by recording a century-old family memory of a great lady, explain to us what is the departure of an old friend, the sorrow and joy of the four seasons, what is the turbulence of the mountains and rivers, and the hasty century. .

If you describe a historical work with taste, then “Three Cases (Illustrated Version)” must be appropriate. In less than 100,000 words, the author, Mr. Wen Gongyi, clarifies the three most entangled, complicated and far-reaching cases in the history of fame, namely, the cases of Dingji, Hongwan and Yigong. The whole book is paired with original illustrations by ancient culture researcher and illustrator “Yan Wang WF”, to reproduce that treacherous historical moment for readers three-dimensionally. The suspenseful best-selling author Ning Hangyi’s masterpiece “Fiftieth One (All 5 Volumes)” tells the story of 50 people who are suddenly awakened to a certain ability hidden in their subconscious minds, and are involved in a game full of unknowns and dangers. super fighting game. In the book “It’s Better to Meet at the Dining Table”, the writer Gao Shengyi uses stories between 16 characters with various identities and delicious food to vividly present the various life styles on the dining table for readers.

When it comes to online literature, it is not a simple and superficial Xiaobai Shuangwen, but has its own unique spiritual core. “Sword Come” by Internet writer Fenghuo Opera Princes builds a grand fairy world, and is known as the masterpiece of martial arts in the post-Jin Yong era. Near the end of the year, the princes of Fenghuo Opera and Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House launched a limited edition of 2023 “Swords (New Year Gift Box)”. “Douluo Dalu” by Tang Jiasan is a classic in the hearts of many fantasy fans. This series of works has now been updated to the fifth part. The demon emperor’s attack, Tang San went to Kerry City to ask for a marriage, and other plots are even more fascinating.

Of course, children’s books are also indispensable in this month’s recommended book list. “Life Stories 1-4 Compilation (42 volumes in total)” records the life history of 42 small animals in the way of popular science knowledge combined with natural high-definition photos. “British Children’s Encyclopedia” and “British Children’s Encyclopedia of Knowledge” are the world’s classic children’s popular science works.

At the end of the year, read together and accompany each other, and talk about books together in winter. Reading, endow life with the purest existence, so that you and I can see a wider world. Not only the main book list in December, JD Books has always been committed to using a sincere and professional service concept to provide readers with high-quality books at preferential prices, and to make its own contribution to creating a scholarly social atmosphere.

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“Football Temple: A Complete History of the World Cup in Pictures and Texts (Collector’s Edition)”

“Sports Weekly” has been produced with ingenuity in 12 years. It contains a graphic epic with 800,000 words and 1,000 pictures. It is a book that can be fully read and understands the World Cup.

“Messi Legend”

Zhang Jiawei writes, a gift for all Messi fans, a biography of Messi worth collecting, showing the legendary life of the 21st world champion. Full-color printing, more than 100 selected photos, plus three Messi posters and a guide for watching the World Cup.

“Muslim funeral”

The classic works of Mao Dun Literature Award, a newly revised edition for the 35th anniversary, is dedicated to everyone who wants to transcend their own destiny.

“A Woman’s Story”

The 2022 Nobel Prize winner for literature, Anne Arnault, makes a moving narrative about mothers and daughters, youth and aging, dreams and reality from a civilian perspective.

“The Big Game”

Zhou Meisen, the author of “In the Name of the People”, is a new masterpiece of realistic themes, and the original novel of the TV series “The Great Game”, which describes the magnificent Chinese heavy industry manufacturing under the tide of the times.

“The Great Doctor: Sunrise Chapter (two volumes)”

Ma Boyong’s 2022 new full-length historical novel “The Great Doctor Breaking Dawn” is a sequel. In the midst of great changes, the ups and downs and cries of three young doctors. With the benevolence of helping the world, witness the century-old waves of the great era. The author’s postscript is supplemented, and 10 illustrations are attached to the book.

“Slow Walk (Single Reading New Book 019)”

After “Winter Swimming” and “Easy Tour”, this is Ban Yu’s third collection of novels. It collects nine novels created in recent years, writing about the falling moments in life and us walking slowly in the tide of fate.

“The days are not in a hurry, we will have a long time in Japan”

Selected classic prose by famous writers such as Ji Xianlin, Shen Congwen, Liang Shiqiu, Wang Zengqi, Zhu Ziqing, etc., to understand family, friendship and love from daily life.

“Mountain Dwelling Miscellaneous Memories (Jingdong Exclusive Precious Letter Paper + Signed Exlibris)”

The old man is far away, the four seasons are sad and happy, the mountains and rivers are turbulent, and a hundred years have passed. Newly revised in 2022, the second edition is back! Jingdong exclusively enjoys Xu’s father’s precious letter paper. Hundreds of thousands of readers have praised it as a classic, and it has hit the Internet several times. It is known as “the memoirs of nine women in the past 30 years”.

“The Story of the Three Cases (Illustrated Version)”

A masterpiece of historical popular books, a historical book that is easier to understand than “Fifteen Years of Wanli” and brighter than “Daming Dynasty 1566”, allowing you to understand the court politics of the Ming Dynasty and see things about the transparent dynasty.

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“It’s Better to Meet at the Dinner Table”

There is a time for poetry and wine, a time for talking and laughing, a time for meeting and parting, and stories always happen at the dinner table. Recommended by Liang Wendao, Huang Tongtong and Cai Hao.

“Huawei Closed-loop Strategic Management”

Former Huawei senior executives experienced first-hand, deeply analyzed and refined the essence and essence of Huawei’s strategic management, and let the correct thinking and management mode become your right-hand man.

“Sword Come (New Year Gift Box)”

The double-door gift box is jointly launched by the original authors of “Sword Comes”, the princes of Fenghuo Opera and Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House, recreating the grand fairy world of “Sword Comes”. To welcome 2023, a limited number of 2,023 pieces will be released.

“Fiftieth One (All Five Volumes)”

Suspenseful, exciting, brain-burning, and thrilling contests between good and evil in human nature.

“Douluo Continent Part Five: Rebirth of Tang San 19”

The battle to occupy the emperor entered the final stage, only Tang San, Mr. Mei and Xu Anyu remained. Tang San finally turned into the Crystal Dragon Knight and defeated Xu Anyu. In the end, he will have a duel with Mr. Mei. At this time, the amethyst coin warrior has turned into a national husband.

“Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World·25”

In the final chapter of “Tower of the Sage”, Rem woke up? ! A beautiful scene display box is attached with the book.

“bibi zoo: I’ve been waiting for you for a long time (Jingdong’s exclusive signature book for rabbits and deer)”

33 million likes and more than 1 billion views. The most precious love is hidden in the very small things. The world urges you to grow up, bibi zoo guards your innocence! I want to hug you with a book.

“Life Stories Series 1-4 (42 volumes in total)”

The great miracle of small life, the growth record of 42 kinds of animals, including rare and precious high-definition photo pictures in large screens.

The Children’s Encyclopedia Britannica

An encyclopedia that subverts tradition, is super easy to understand, is invincible and interesting, and emphasizes both science and humanities.

“Knowledge List of Children’s Encyclopedia Britannica”

An encyclopedia that lays the “knowledge pyramid” for children’s life, with 300 checklists, more than 3,200 knowledge points, and 464 expansion notes, which are hierarchical, organized, and interesting.

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