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Kang Daniel has grown up through hardships and is satisfied with a regular album | The Story | Police Academy Rookie

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Kang Daniel has grown up through hardships and is satisfied with a regular album | The Story | Police Academy Rookie

[Epoch Times, May 24, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled and reported) South Korean popular singer Kang Daniel released his first regular album “The Story” today (24th). The album of different colors makes him feel satisfied, and it also shows that he has experienced difficulties in the three years since his solo debut, and now he has grown spiritually.

On the occasion of the press conference commemorating the release of his new album today, Kang Daniel said that he is excited to return to the music scene and release a full-length album after more than a year. Since Kang Daniel was busy filming the Korean drama “The Rookie of the Police Academy”, he also mentioned that he has been active for two years without seeing fans. During this period, he also filmed, so he was able to return to the stage with music and share with everyone. In front of him, such a precious opportunity excites him.

Kang Daniel, who participated in the writing of the ten songs on the regular album, said that he thinks that all the songs on this album are precious, including his journey so far, and he feels that this album is awarded to him. The award was also the first time he felt satisfied at work.

Kang Daniel, who made his solo debut with “Color on me” in July 2019, looked back on the journey of more than three years since his debut. He stated that he wanted to get out of the difficult situation (a contract dispute with his former company) as soon as possible, and thought about his suitability. style and hastily prepared the album. Then he prepared the “Color Trilogy” while thinking about “what do you want to show as a musician”. “YELLOW”, which will be released in April 2021, is a work he prepared at the moment of pain.

Kang Daniel said that he has been working very hard for the past three years, and although it is not unconditional that only happy things have happened, he is still satisfied. This work has been planned since the end of the mini-album “MAGENTA” in August 2020.

Talking about the production of this album, Kang Daniel revealed that he was very happy in the process of preparing hard, and he felt everything while moving and organized this album, thinking that “The Story” is a color that shows him finding himself. A process, a novel-like album.

Regarding the title song ‘Upside Down’, Kang Daniel stated that it is a song that says, “Even though there will be days in life when everything goes wrong, we must turn those days upside down cutely”. And he chose “Upside Down” as the title song because he thought it was a song that he could enjoy on stage.

In addition, Kang Daniel also mentioned that he has become strong during this period. Although he still feels uncomfortable when he hears bad comments and gossip, he has become able to think “I am I’m not the kind of person (they say), there are many people who believe in me”, but feel “as long as I don’t waver”. He believes that it is the fate of public figures to face public comments, and he also feels his own growth.

Kang Daniel believes that he wants to enjoy the activities more than his grades, and he also hopes to be a singer who releases many good songs.

Responsible editor: Xin Youan

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