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Korean media speculate that Wu Jing’s “China” jacket copied Korean dramas

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South Korean media speculate that Wu Jing’s “China” jacket copied Korean dramas, and the professor has repeatedly touched China

A Korean TV series has exploded, and the Korean media took advantage of the trend to hype again. This time they targeted Wu Jing’s “Chinese” clothes, claiming that they were plagiarizing the clothes in the drama…

Report screenshot

According to the Korean media “Chosun Ilbo” reported on October 5, South Korea’s Sungshin Women’s University professor Xu Yee-dek posted on social media that day, saying that Chinese clothing had copied the clothing of a South Korean TV drama and was accompanied by actor Wu Kyung wearing “Chinese” clothes. Contrast with the protagonist in the Korean TV series.

Xu Jiede wrote: “(Chinese) shopping apps printed the famous green sportswear in the show with the Chinese characters, and even used photos of the protagonists in the Korean TV series for sales.”

Screenshot of Xu Gide Ins

Screenshot of Xu Gide Ins

By inquiring about Xu Gede’s post, it was found that the original text of his post was slightly different from that reported by the Korean media. His original remark was “In the shopping application, the photos of the protagonist in the Korean TV series were used without authorization to sell the green sportswear famous for the TV series. Very wrong behavior.” Xu Gede did not mention the printing of the Chinese character “China” on the green clothes.

However, Xu Jiede continued to promote his consistent remarks in his posts, claiming that “(China) plagiarizes Korean content too much…”

Prior to this, he had “touched porcelain” China several times on these issues.

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Screenshot of Xu Gede’s previous “touching porcelain” Chinese Korean costumes and Korean media reports

Screenshot of Xu Gide’s previous “touching porcelain” Chinese Korean costumes and Korean media reports

This time, the hype about Wu Jing’s “China” sportswear “plagiarism” of Korean TV series is still using the old routine of the previous “touching porcelain”: Xu Jiede took the lead, and the Korean media followed up with the hype, which stirred the emotions of netizens. However, they picked the wrong target this time.

No way, Wu Jing’s dress is really hot.

According to previous reports, this “Chinese” dress worn by Wu Jing first appeared in the movie “Teacher Good” released in 2019. At that time, Wu Jing played a guest role as a physical education teacher who always gave lessons to other teachers. The costume in the film was this dark green retro sports jacket with the word “China” printed on it.

Fragment of the movie

Fragment of the movie “Teacher Good”

Since then, the stills of Wu Jing wearing this dress have become the emoticons often used by netizens.

Until this year’s Tokyo Olympics, this emoji package was red throughout the entire network, establishing a dominant position.

At that time, it was more than a month before the Korean TV series started broadcasting.

After this South Korean TV series became popular, some netizens even cut Wu Jing’s emoticons into TV series spoofs, and the related topic “If Wu Jing participated in a Korean TV series” also appeared on Weibo hot searches.

At the premiere of the movie “My Fathers and Me” a few days ago, Wu Jing once again put on this “Chinese” sportswear, and took advantage of the trend and savvy the zipper to reproduce the “Chinese famous scene.”

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Therefore, relevant people are requested not to create contradictions and malicious hype.

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