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Late-Night Talk Shows Return after Five-Month Hiatus

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Late-Night Talk Shows Return after Five-Month Hiatus

Late-night talk shows in the US have returned to the air after a five-month hiatus due to the writers’ strike. Stephen Colbert, host of CBS’s “Late Night,” expressed his excitement about being back in his opening monologue. He humorously mentioned how his wife refused to keep chanting his name during the strike. Colbert then turned to politics as a familiar topic on his show, joking about the eventful summer off the air and making references to President Trump.

Jimmy Fallon, the host of “Tonight Show,” also made political comments during his return. He expressed his excitement about being back and made a humorous remark about watching “Beetlejuice” with Lauren Boebert. Fallon didn’t directly address recent allegations of a difficult work culture at his show but thanked his staff and celebrated the writers getting a new contract. He joked about their dedication to fighting to get back to the office during the summer. Fallon also expressed his gratitude for his job and the support of his audience.

Jimmy Kimmel, on his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” opened with a skit featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as his psychiatrist. Kimmel jokingly expressed worry about not coming back, and Schwarzenegger assured him that he would always return. Kimmel later reminded the audience that his name is Jimmy and mentioned being off the air for five months, humorously noting that “The Bachelor” had become a grandfather in that time.

The return of these late-night talk shows marks a significant moment for the television industry, as they have faced challenges due to the writers’ strike and the COVID-19 pandemic. The hosts expressed their enthusiasm to be back and promised to deliver entertaining shows with their teams and writers now back in the building. Audiences can look forward to more late-night comedy and interviews from these beloved hosts.

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