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Li Ronghao’s birthday Rainie Yang blessed sweetly and shouted “My boy” | The Epoch Times

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[Epoch Times, July 11, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen comprehensive report) Li Ronghao and Rainie Yang have been married for more than a year. Although the husband and wife are separated from each other due to the epidemic, they often share their sweetness in the community. Today (11) is Li Ronghao’s 35th birthday. Rainie Yang sent a message in the early morning on time to congratulate her, even more sweetly calling “My boy” and sending three hearts.

Rainie Yang wrote in the early hours of this morning: “With you in the world, happy birthday. My boy~” and posted a promotional photo of her husband Li Ronghao’s new album (click here), and a large number of netizens also followed the message to offer their blessings. At the same time, today is also the second anniversary of Li Ronghao’s proposal to her, which is even more meaningful.

Regardless of whether before marriage or after marriage, Li Ronghao maintained the habit of posting messages on Weibo and Instagram to celebrate Rainie Yang’s birthday on June 4th every year.

Rainie Yang just celebrated her 37th birthday last month, Li Ronghao also posted in the early morning on time: “Happy birthday, my happiness.” Rainie Yang then responded sweetly: “You are also my happiness.” And he sent the prepared birthday present from the mainland in advance. Taiwan has two microphones, one black and one white. Rainie Yang sweetly called them “two babies”.

Rainie Yang said at the time that she had already said to Li Ronghao that “you don’t need to give each other birthday gifts anymore”, but Li Ronghao felt that his wife deserves a better microphone. “So, I accepted these two new treasures, although I don’t know when they will be available, but I am so happy! Thank you Mr. Li.”

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Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao were still busy after their marriage. The picture shows the data photo of the third “LIKE A STAR” concert tour at the Taipei Arena. Li Ronghao also “showed up” to accompany him during the concert. (Provided by EMI)

After marriage, the two were still busy separately. Originally, the number of meetings was small. Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the couple separated the two places for as long as 300 days last year. It wasn’t until Chinese New Year’s Eve that Rainie Yang flew to the mainland to reunite with her husband and also participated in the mainland festival catalogue film. After that, Rainie Yang returned to Taiwan in May to promote the new movie starring because of her work, and the husband and wife separated the two places again.

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