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Light, Shadow and Style in decoration | OMAN

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Light, Shadow and Style in decoration |  OMAN

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Cobogós are versatile elements that add a unique touch to spaces. Originating in Brazil, these hollow blocks have conquered the international scene, being widely used to create original environments.

Cobogós, initially designed by three Brazilian engineers – Amadeu Coimbra, Ernest Boeckmann, and Antônio de Góis – in the 1920s, quickly became an icon of architectural design. These pieces consist of hollow blocks, generally in the shape of a lattice or geometric patterns, which allow the passage of light and ventilation. The design was inspired by muxarabis, hollow elements of Arab origin with small weaves and made of wood.

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By integrating cobogós into the decor, a dynamic and contemporary atmosphere is created. The presence of these elements allows you to play with natural lighting, creating games of light and shadow that add depth and charm to spaces. Furthermore, the ventilation provided by the holes contributes to a more airy environment, promoting thermal comfort.

The versatility of cobogós is evident in the variety of materials available, such as ceramics, concrete and even plastic. This diversity makes it possible to adapt cobogós to different styles of decoration, from more rustic to more contemporary environments. The choice of material also influences the color palette, allowing for harmonious integration with the rest of the decoration.

Cobogós can be applied in different ways, whether as room dividers, wall coverings or even furniture elements. Creativity in the arrangement of hollow blocks allows the creation of unique patterns, adding a personalized touch to each project.

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Photo: AdobeStock

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