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London Fashion Week Ambassador Hu Bing UK catwalks to cultivate new fashion forces_Live_Live_Industry_Design

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London Fashion Week Ambassador Hu Bing UK catwalks to cultivate new fashion forces_Live_Live_Industry_Design

Original title: Hu Bing, ambassador of London Fashion Week

On June 12, Hu Bing, the image ambassador of London Fashion Week, participated in a unique fashion show – Emerging Designer Show at University of East London. At the event, Hu Bing was wearing a khaki windbreaker suit, full of British style, with a red striped shirt inside, bold and enthusiastic, coupled with his confident and elegant steps as a top international male model, the entire runway has become a stage for Hu Bing to show off his ambassador demeanor , The atmosphere of the event was ignited by the atmosphere of the scene at the moment Hu Bing appeared.

At the subsequent SAGABOI SHOW and After Party, Hu Bing appeared in a new look, with a black shirt and red striped trousers.

A cutting-edge teacher in the international fashion industry

The fashion department of the University of East London will showcase the works of its emerging talented creative designers through London Fashion Week (LFW). It is understood that there is a designer named Adryene Mikala in the catwalk that Hu Bing participated in. Hu Bing is an international fashion week ambassador. Attending and walking the show in person is a great encouragement to emerging fashion designers like Mikala.

Outside the show, Hu Bing exchanged fashion views with Mikala, set an example, showed his fashion attitude in the show, conveyed his understanding of fashion to everyone, and helped emerging designers develop design ideas.

The fair this time highlights work rooted in sustainable, gender-neutral and non-binary clothing and fashion crafts. Coincidentally, Hu Bing also emphasized the concept of sustainability in the live broadcast. He has been committed to sharing quality, fashion, and healthy life attitudes with the public, advocating everyone to live a green life, and fully demonstrating the attitude and charm of high-quality idol stars .

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At the same time, designers at the event built on an auto-ethnographic background of design practices relevant to the community and industry, demonstrating a strong sense of personal identity and self-reflection as a new generation of fashion designers and industry professionals Balanced and grounded in authenticity.

Beatrice Newman, head of fashion from the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries, said: “This is a huge opportunity for our students to work in a variety of industries including fashion houses, buyers, stylists and the media. Present their work in front of industry professionals at home and abroad.

It can be said that this is a two-way trip between UEL students and the international fashion industry. Hu Bing’s trip also perfectly played the role of image ambassador, taking on the important role of fashion seniors.

Fashion “refueling machine” to explore London

“London Fashion Week is a rare opportunity” – it launched the careers of Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Charles Jeffrey and Bianca Saunders, among others. UEL students now have a stage to market themselves to industry professionals they would otherwise not have access to.

London Fashion Week not only provides a stage for cutting-edge designers to show themselves, but for Hu Bing, as the only ambassador of Fashion Week, he also contributed fashion power from the East in this grand ceremony. Hu Bing actively supported young designers early on. The designer has stood up for young designers many times, encouraging them to always maintain their love for art and trends.

“UEL has a huge story to tell – we are developing products that serve the majority of people around the world in many forms.” This kind of attempt is to find out the contacts that everyone has with fashion, and try to make everyone live a fashionable and comfortable life, so that fashion can truly serve the public.

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At the same time, UEL offers emerging fashion designers the opportunity to learn traditional and innovative practices in fashion design, development, pattern cutting and digital design. As part of the course, students will explore how computer-aided design and emerging digital technologies can help transform the fashion creation process. Hu Bing is at the forefront of technological innovation. Relying on new technologies and new thinking, he strives to expand and upgrade the live consumption experience.

From the 24-hour immersive live broadcast to the use of digital technology to bring fashion week into the live broadcast room, it has to be said that Hu Bing’s live broadcast concept and taste are unique in the live broadcast industry. The elements, every time it makes people’s eyes shine.

Hu Bing has gained a lot from this fashion week trip. I believe he will continue to pass on the brand’s story and dressing skills to consumers, so that consumers can better understand the brand and products, and empower fashion brand management and product planning. Help to incubate more outstanding Chinese brands.Return to Sohu to see more


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