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Ma Tianyu recalls losing her mother and blaming herself when she was too craving for chocolate when she was a child |

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[Epoch Times January 08, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia comprehensive report) 5-year-old mainland actor Ma Tianyu, who lost his mother, recently revealed on the program that he bought the sleeping pills that his mother used to commit suicide. He blamed himself: “It would be nice if I didn’t want to eat chocolate.” The guests and netizens at the scene felt distressed.

In the variety show “Youth Travels Season 3” aired on January 7, Ma Tianyu said: “If I didn’t want to eat that piece of chocolate at the time, maybe I was just a child with a mother.”

Ma Tianyu was born in a remote mountain village in Shandong. On the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival when he was 5 years old, his mother wanted to commit suicide because of family pressure. He revealed: “At that time, my mother asked me to go out to buy medicine and asked me to use the remaining money to buy a box of chocolates.”

Ma Tianyu said that at that time, his mother took herself to commit suicide, “but I survived.” So far, Ma Tianyu still can’t let go, feeling that he bought the medicine himself and killed his mother.

The clip of the show made netizens shout “distressed” when they watched it.

After Ma Tianyu’s mother died, her father, who owed a gambling debt, left Ma Tianyu and his sister and left. The debt collector came to the house and removed all the valuables, and the infant brother was also snatched to repay the debt.

So far, Ma Tianyu doesn’t know where his brother is or whether he is still alive, and he has already forgotten his brother’s appearance.

Since childhood, Ma Tianyu was brought up by grandparents with meager income. Therefore, he took the responsibility of taking care of the whole family before he was an adult. When he was 16 years old, he set foot on the road to the north and entered the entertainment industry for his family’s livelihood.

In a program at the end of last year, Ma Tianyu suddenly announced that “we will leave the circle in two years.” He revealed that when he entered the show business circle to make a living at home, he has been working hard for his family in the past few years and “never lived for myself.”

Ma Tianyu sighed that although all the hardships have come now, the grandparents who have worked so hard to raise him have passed away. The most important relatives are only the older sister who has a family, and there are no other family members who still need him to take care of.

However, just when the topic of Ma Tianyu’s withdrawal from the circle sparked heated discussion, his studio publicly stated on Weibo: “It is impossible to withdraw!” It also marked Ma Tianyu’s Weibo account to ask “What do you want?”, which seems to be a rebuttal. Ma Tianyu’s retreat.

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