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Marriage Drama Unfolds: Guo Silin Accuses Wu Haokang of Neglecting Family

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Marriage Drama Unfolds: Guo Silin Accuses Wu Haokang of Neglecting Family

Headline: Wu Haokang and Guo Silin’s Marriage Sparks Controversy Amidst Public Outburst

Date: January 10, 2023
Time: 1:45 PM

Hong Kong News – In a surprising turn of events, the marriage of Wu Haokang, popularly known as Ng Haokang, and “Fighting Goddess” Guo Silin has become a subject of heated discussion among netizens. The controversy erupted after Guo Silin took to social media to publicly criticize her husband, expressing her discontentment with their relationship.

The public outburst occurred on September 29th when Guo Silin uploaded a post reprimanding Wu Haokang for his absence during their son’s first birthday celebration. She went on to state that he should not attend any future festivities, including the Mid-Autumn Festival. Netizens were left shocked by the revelation that the couple had been living separately for a year.

Guo Silin’s message was confrontational, stating, “I won’t accommodate you first, and then I will help you arrange your clothes. Everything is arranged. If you don’t say a word, you won’t shoot.” The post featured a photo of Guo Silin holding a cake in her left hand while dragging a dog behind her. Speculations arose that she had run away from home due to her perceived dissatisfaction with the marriage.

However, Guo Silin later denied any claims of a change in their marital status. In an interview with the media, she clarified that she and Wu Haokang were still together and described their relationship as “nothing.” She attributed the separate living arrangements to the difficulties of being a new mother, expressing discomfort due to her son’s restless foot-kicking habit. Wu Haokang supported this explanation, stating that their recent family outing to celebrate their son’s birthday was proof of their stable relationship.

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Responding to the rumors himself, Wu Haokang revealed that he was unable to take a family photo on the day in question due to prior commitments to his singing endeavors. Expressing helplessness, he said, “She took a lot of things that day and took care of her son very hard, so she went online to complain a few words. I will make up for it later.” He questioned why Guo Silin chose to air her grievances publicly instead of communicating with him directly.

Wu Haokang further clarified that he chose to reside in a separate room to ensure their son and Guo Silin’s well-being. Additionally, he mentioned that he will not be pursuing having a daughter at this time, thanking concerned individuals for their attention.

It is worth noting that Guo Silin and Wu Haokang’s relationship progressed swiftly, with the couple marrying just six months into their courtship during the ongoing pandemic.

As this story continues to unfold, netizens and fans of the couple await further developments regarding the state of their marriage.

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