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Messi’s Paris debut at home with Jay Chou playing “Mojoto” before watching the game-characters

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In the early morning of September 20, Beijing time, in the sixth round of the French Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain played against Lyon at home. Messi ushered in his home debut. In the stands, a figure familiar to Chinese fans appeared, he was Jay Chou!When Guan Bo ridiculed Zhou Dong when he watched Messi’s home debut, would he also say “Oh, good!”

Although he is wearing a mask, he can still easily recognize that this is Jay Chou Benlun. When Jay Chou watched the game, he changed his usual style of dressing from T-shirts or sweaters to suits. We rarely have the opportunity to see Jay Chou dressed up in such a formal manner.

The one sitting next to Jay Chou was his wife Kun Ling, but his face was just blocked by another man in front.

Prior to this, the official blog issued a post saying that the Prince’s Park gave a Jay Chou’s “Mojito” to everyone. Unexpectedly, after an hour, the camera captured Jay Chou himself, which is really a dream linkage.

When filming the MV for “Confession Balloon” in Paris, France, Jay Chou went to the stadium under the Eiffel Tower to play football with his friends outside of work. Today, he came to Paris again, and it is reported that he came to record a variety show.

It is worth mentioning that Messi made his debut again in this game, but he failed to score in the game. After joining Paris, Messi has not broken his goal drought. In the second half of the game, Messi was replaced by coach Pochettino. Messi’s displeased look after the end of the game aroused the attention of the fans.

After the game, coach Pochettino talked about the substitution decision. He said that replacing Messi is to prevent him from being injured in the game. The team still has a very important game to play behind and needs to protect Messi. Messi may have some discomfort in his knees during the game, although he gave a thumbs up to show that he could persist, but Pochettino chose to replace him.


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