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Michael JJ Kogler – The Ashes of Past Winter

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Michael JJ Kogler – The Ashes of Past Winter

Michael JJ Kogler
The ashes of past winter

Label: Edition Outbird
Format: (Paperback)

Release: 18.11.2022

Actually, in our book corner we have only reviewed music biographies, non-fiction books about different genres or scenes, and works of music history. Now we have a novelty with “The Ashes of Past Winter”, because this is a real novel, but written by the Austrian musician Michael JJ Kogler, known for his work with HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY and so music also plays a role in this book central role.

However, the much more central role – warning: trigger warning – is played by depression, suicidal thoughts, alcohol and drug abuse, but also friendship and love, which are important aspects in the story of protagonist Tal Linden.

Tal Linden is a musician with heart and soul. He didn’t have an easy youth and he can’t really cope with the here and now either. Interpersonally it was always different and was best expressed primarily through his two bands, which were based in black metal and hardcore. But when he is abandoned by the love of his life, his bipolar disorder and depression, which have accompanied him to varying degrees throughout his life, take over again. So the young man decides to retreat to a hut in the mountains in order to slowly but surely put his decision to “disappear” into practice.

The novel is written from the perspective of one of his best friends, who tells Tal’s story so vividly and vividly that you would think that Michael JJ Kogler had really experienced it all. This also includes the always cheering anecdotes from the touring life of Tal and his sometimes quite crazy colleagues, all of whom are not averse to alcohol and drugs and have experienced absurd and sometimes life-threatening stories on their travels. But some of them put a smile on your face.

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In addition to the fictional bands of the main character, real events, stories and bands from the respective scene are skilfully included, such as the suicide of black metal legend Per Yngve “Pelle” Ohlin alias Dead from MAYHEM. There are also various suitable quotes or song lyrics at the beginning of each chapter from Wolgang Borchert, Jim Morrison, KARG, NOCTE OBDUCTA, KATATONIA and of course HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY.

The journey and stay in the mountains of 30-year-old Tal Linden is like a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs, with shocking moments, with a lot of suffering, but also hope, friendship, love and heartwarming moments. A novel that brings a lot of emotions, makes you think and can also cheer you up with beautiful and funny moments.


260 pages


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