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Miles Miller – Solid Gold

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Miles Miller – Solid Gold

by Oliver on August 3, 2023 in Album

Sturgill Simpson may currently (besides an unexpected guest appearance) continue to push his career as an actor. He also had time to be with his drummer Miles Miller Solid Gold a veritable debut album tailor-made.

Aside from his role as Sturgill’s bandleader, Miller can also be seen as supporting act for Tyler Childers (or his studio staff for Purgatory or Country Squire) as well as the Town Mountain-Know cast, but is Solid Gold a proclaimed new beginning for the drummer: “It’s crazy to have done all that and, obviously, I would not be here without any of that. It’s undoubtedly made me humbled and understanding of all the business [side of things]. But [with Solid Gold]I’m starting up from scratch, essentially.

Modesty is an absolutely apt catchphrase for the character of the record, but Miller not only proves to be a competent guitarist and an above-average solid songwriter, he above all has a subtle, pleasantly unspectacular voice, which, especially in the quiet, atmospheric moments, with a reserved class picks up.
The balladesque, carefully reduced songs as well as the tenderness played with feeling Passed Midnightthe deliberation played slowly and calmly A Feeling Called Lonesomedas intime My Sanity and the highlight worn single-handedly by Miller Where Daniel Stood in this respect not only represent the core of Solid Gold like that (ha, twist!) weighed down by Simpson’s drumming Even If or the reduced staged warmth of the soft Always November as well as the melancholy rippling piano finale I Wish -no, this is where the qualities of Miller come into their own in the deepest and most lasting way.

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At the other points – namely where Miller is professional enough to know that an album also needs dynamic impulses – the sound of the record shines primarily. The unexcited title track captivates (despite the chorus, which starts too conventionally in country) with a wonderful 70s folk flair between Gordon Lightfoot and Brent Cobb, where also Seeing Clear relaxed spreading his vibe. Don’t Give Away Love strums swaying on the smooth Texas Honky Tonk and In a Daze moves forward in a soulful, springy, slightly funky manner over the rhythmic gimmicks, meanwhile Highway Shoes relaxed marches to the swaying classic rock. That’s why it’s not all that exciting – but so promising and touching in a simple way.

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