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Mini, the roof is a work of art

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Stand out. Get noticed. Having the car that catches the attention of others. Isn’t this, after all, our dream? Well, if you are in this category of motorists, you will be pleased to know that there is the possibility of buying a car that is also a work of art. Exactly. The new Mini Rooftop collection belongs to this philosophy. The house of the BMW group collaborated with three artists and placed their work on the roof of the vehicle. From today, November 1st, it can be booked on shopminiusa.com.

The price has not yet been fixed, but the British company plans to produce a minimum quantity of each project. There are three works: ‘Hiraya’, created by Rich Tu, a Filipino-American artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Hiraya, in the Filipino language, means “fruit of hopes, dreams and aspirations”.

Then there is the creation of Shane Griffin: “ChromaFlow”. It depicts something multicolored fluttering in the wind. Griffin, originally from Dublin, lives in New York and has worked with Adidas, Apple, Givenchy, Kanye West, Nike and others.

Finally, Shawna X: has created a themed painting “Roads we travel”. It depicts people in various poses with colored ovals behind them. His works use a variety of media, including digital space, spatial and movement. The three creations will also appear on murals in Brooklyn, New York City’s Soho area and Portland, Oregon.


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