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MISTER MISIERY – Presenting Single “Survival Of The Sickest”

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MISTER MISIERY – Presenting Single “Survival Of The Sickest”

MISTER MISERY announce their new album “III” & present music video for their latest single “Survival Of The Sickest”!

The Swedish modern metal band MISTER MISERY has finally announced the first details about their upcoming third album! The self-titled long player will be released on AFM Records on August 2nd, just in time for their Wacken show. Pre-orders are now possible.

In addition, the band recently announced a headlining tour for October, all dates and ticket information for “The Dark Legacy” Tour 2024 can be found below!

Singer & guitarist Harley Vendetta tells us about the new single:

“Survival Of The Sickest is a song I wrote in my room in the hospital when I was very sick, my life was in danger and the chances of a full recovery were very slim. It’s the story of exactly what I went through in that room and how it made me look at life in a different way. It serves as a pillar of support in difficult times. The song comes from the heart and we hope it reaches those out there who need it.”

With their innovative mix of clear and dark vocals, energetic riffs and anthemic choruses, MISTER MISERY have developed a unique sound and style that perfectly captures the essence of all subgenres of the modern heavy music scene. Since their formation in 2018, MISTER MISERY have released two critically and fan-acclaimed studio albums to date (Unalive and A Brighter Side Of Death) as well as several singles that landed in the top metal playlists. MISTERY MISERY have so far impressed with their impressive stage show at festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Master of Rock, Full Metal Cruise, Hills of Rock, and played in support of Nightwish and Dream Theater. The announced tour to celebrate their upcoming new album will be no exception and will delight the audience without exception!

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The new longplayer was produced by MISTER MISERY at Unalive Studio, and Stefan “GraveArt” Röhm was hired for the cover art.

As the band comments:
“Dear Ghosts, the time has finally come!

We are incredibly proud to announce our third and new self-titled album, which will be released on August 2nd, 2024 just in time for Wacken Open Air! We can’t thank you enough for all the love and support you’ve shown us so far and we can’t wait to create many new memories with this new album!

We love all of you!
/Harley, Alex, Rizzy & Alister“

The album tracklist reads as follows:

01 – Root of All Evil
02 – Elizabeth (The Countess)
03 – Eye Of The Storm
04 – Hand of Death
05 – The Doomsday Clock
06 – Crooked Man
07 – Survival of the Sickest
08 – Until The End
09 – Haters
10 – Sinner Or Saint
11 – Ripper
12 – Dark Legacy


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