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“The first museum of homosexuality in Italy in Turin”

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The proposal is that of a museum, the first in Italy, dedicated to the history of homosexuality, “to fill a gap, to fight discrimination and prejudice, to foster knowledge and make known the battles of civilizations that are often forgotten or unknown to the new generations and to consolidate the fame of Turin as the Capital of Rights ». Pending a joint meeting with the Municipality and the Region to discuss the project, the “Promoting Committee for the Museum of Homosexuality in Turin” was set up, an idea launched in October by Angelo Pezzana and Maurizio Gelatti, president and co-president of the Sandro Penna – FUORI! Foundation, who had written a letter about the president Alberto Cirio and the mayor Stefano Lo Russo.

In addition to Pezzana and Gelatti, numerous personalities from the world of culture, politics and business have joined the promoting committee, starting with the former mayor Chiara Appendino and her councilor for rights Marco Giusta, new coordinator of the Torino Pride. Among the various names are those of Guido Accornero and Nicola Lagioia, respectively founder and director of the Turin Book Fair, the art critic Luca Beatrice, Giulio Biino and Elena Loewenthal, president and director of the Circolo dei Lettere, and Alessandro Bollo, director of the Polo of the ‘900. And, again, the senator Monica Cirinnà, the director of Tff Stefano Francia of Celle and the current and previous directors of the Lovers Film Festival, Vladimir Luxuria and Irene Dionisio. Fulvio Gianaria, president of Ogr-Crt, Ugo Nespolo, Antonio Pizzo, professor, among the promoters of the Chair of History of Homosexuality at the University of Turin, and Paolo Verri, former director of the Italia 150 Committee and advocate of the candidacy of Matera as European Capital of Culture.

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