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MOLLLUST – Mother Universe

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MOLLLUST – Mother Universe

Mother Universe
(Opera Metal)

Label: DIY
Format: (LP)

Release: 25.11.2022

The progressive death metallers HAGGARD haven’t been in the studio for some time, but two of the vocalists, Janika Groß and Frank Schumacher, have found a new field of activity with MOLLLUST for some time now. The debut “Schuld”, released in 2013, already showed great ambition and presented a combination of classical, opera and metal of a slightly different kind.

On their third work, “Mother Universe”, they moved away from the German lyrics, but here there is a comprehensive – or rather universal – concept about the planets, moons and the sun of our solar system. Each of the eleven songs is dedicated to a celestial body, but these are also framed with a “Cosmic Overture”, various “Cosmic Promenade(s)” and the “Cosmic Epilogue”, so that this work consists of 23 tracks in more than 80 minutes .

There are alternating operatic songs characterized by Janika’s high vocals between symphony, gothic and metal, which are flanked by classical elements, varied and opulent orchestration and playful, creative interludes. The whole thing is quite demanding, structured down to the smallest detail and therefore requires time and a few runs to really get going. Anyone who doesn’t like high-pitched vocals from TARJA and therefore early NIGHTWISH won’t be happy here either, but fans of opera, opulent metal meets classic works from HAGGARD or THERION should definitely keep their ears open. In addition, Frank also repeatedly contributes male vocals, which provide additional variety and, if necessary, a special atmosphere. There are always different approaches to this. From choral tracks to up-tempo bangers to intricate opera pieces, everything is included, plus numerous instruments, different moods and changing atmospheres, folk elements and a lot of emotion.

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The songs, be it “Sun”, “Venus” or “Jupiter”, are of course not classically about the planets, their size, nature or similar key data, but rather serve as placeholders for lyrics about psychological problems such as inferiority, loneliness, but also that Utopia of a just society, drug consumption, longing, love and diversity. So there is enough to discover beyond the complex music.

Going into too much detail would definitely go beyond the scope, which is why I would like to recommend this total work of art to fans of the genre or bands mentioned. You can hear and feel how much work Frank and his team have invested here and have created something unique.

Tracklist „Mother Universe“:

1. Cosmic Opening
2. Sun – Journey Of Icarus
3. Cosmic Promenade
4. Saturn – Human Clockwork
5. Cosmic Promenade
6. Venus – Poems Of Love
7. Cosmic Promenade
8. Earth – Beauty Of Diversity
9. Cosmic Promenade
10. Mars – The Game Is Over
11. Cosmic Promenade
12. Mercury – The Desert Inside
13. Cosmic Promenade
14. Moon – Ostracised Companions
15. Cosmic Promenade
16. Jupiter – When Divine Winds Rage
17. Cosmic Promenade
18. Uranus – The Butterfly And The Spider
19. Cosmic Promenade
20. Neptune – Wrath Of The Sea
21. Cosmic Promenade
22. Pluto – The Raven’s Lullaby
23. Cosmic Epilogue
24. Cosmic Promenade
Total playing time: 80:22


MOLLLUST – Mother UniverseLineUp:Janika Groß (Vocals, Keys, Orchestration, Choir)Frank Schumacher (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Choir)Lisa Hellmich (First Violine)Manue Toe (Second Violin)Imki Niemeier (Contrabass)Julian Jönck (Guitars, Orchestration)Simon Johanning (Bass)Andrea Zannin (Drums)8…Buy on Amazon{“@context”: “http://schema.org/”,
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