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More than 10 Million People Make Reservations for Jolin Tsai’s Exclusive Kuaishou Live Broadcast: A Celebration of Empowering Girls

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More than 10 million people made reservations! Jolin Tsai’s Kuaishou exclusive live broadcast of the opening video premiered on the whole network, giving warm voices to girls!

Market Information Network 2023-07-12 20:58:21 Source: Market Information Network Comments:

“Special, is it really important?” On July 11, Jolin Tsai launched Kuaishou “Business” again. Through a short video, we saw the special and ordinary female groups on Kuaishou. From @50年岁姐姐自驾游, who bravely embarked on a different journey in the second half of her life, to @阿罗everyday, who exchanged gifts with strangers to record the warmth of the world, and the plus-size girl who conveys happiness @福醒佛别, they are ordinary people, also has its own unique shining point.

Jolin Tsai, who is energetic and dazzling on the stage, also bluntly stated in the video that he is also an ordinary person, a “dog sun madman” in life and a “hidden master” in the baking industry. Jolin Tsai, who has debuted for more than 20 years, has overcome obstacles all the way and lived like a queen, from uncoordinated limbs to ballet and pole dancing decathlon. If “Chivalry” interprets her tenacity, then “The Great Artist” shows her sober attitude towards love and encourages girls to be brave in the face of love. Whether it is special or ordinary, in Jolin Tsai’s view, it is “weird beauty” to be brave enough to be yourself.

Jolin Tsai frequently “opens business” in Kuaishou, gaining more than 6 million fans in 3 days

Since officially entering Kuaishou on July 3, Jolin Tsai has released several videos to interact with veterans, from the official announcement of “I will sing for you in Kuaishou on July 14” to “I leave the problem of song selection to you”, From launching the challenge of finding the first dancer in Kuaishou to soliciting fans’ confession wishes in the comment area, the four videos have been played more than 450 million times, and the number of likes has exceeded 6 million. At the same time, in only 3 days since Jolin Tsai settled in Kuaishou, she has gained more than 6 million fans and dozens of hot searches on the whole network. Exceeded 10 million.

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“The queen is coming, welcome in the lane”, “Growing up listening to my sister’s songs, a girl must be her own queen”, “Who doesn’t have a Jolin Tsai song in their youth”, in order to welcome Jolin Tsai, celebrities have walked in the comment area Warm welcome and fun interaction. Peacock dance queen Yang Liping “confessed” in Jolin Tsai’s comment area: A peacock dance was given to a beautiful butterfly. Jolin Tsai also responded in surprise: The peacock is so beautiful, and the butterfly also wants to kiss Fangze. Netizens face this interaction that breaks the dimensional wall They also expressed: looking forward to seeing folk dancers and modern dancers collaborate on the same stage. On the day Jolin Tsai entered Kuaishou, Wang Ju also warmly welcomed Jolin Tsai in the comment area, and the two praised each other for being “weird and beautiful”.

In addition, Jolin Tsai also liked the music and dance works of Kuaishou masters such as @是可乐鸭, @孙快速马头萨 and @宾宾哥哥, which attracted many netizens to come here for their fame. In the face of Jolin Tsai’s summoning order for dancers, Kuaishou users with “dancing” skills started a big PK of flipping. It is reported that Jolin Tsai will correct homework for the flipping king in the live broadcast on July 14.

Jolin Tsai will sing 14 golden songs in a row, live broadcast flop to fulfill fans’ confession wishes

In addition to correcting homework live, Jolin Tsai, who is well versed in the way of pampering fans, will also flop user comments during the live broadcast to help fans fulfill their confession wishes. It is worth mentioning that in the short film released today, Jolin Tsai also mentioned that he will bring 14 songs full of sincerity in the exclusive online concert of Kuaishou, of which 11 songs will be selected by Jolin Tsai himself, and the remaining 3 songs will be given by Jolin Tsai. Kuaishou users decide by voting. Up to now, “Rose Boy”, “The Sun Never Sets” and “Say I Love You” temporarily rank among the top three in the voting list.

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Among them, “Rose Boy”, which is currently the most popular, won the “Song of the Year” award at the 30th Golden Melody Awards in 2019. Jolin Tsai said when winning the award: “In any case, I may become a minority, so I want to Use empathy to love anyone around me. This song is dedicated to all of you who once thought you had no chance and no choice at all. You must remember to choose yourself and support yourself.”

From desperately striving for “perfection”, to still working hard but constantly standing out from the encirclement and bravely being “yourself”, Jolin Tsai, who is now 40+, is still dazzling on the stage, and said frankly that “it feels great to be 40 years old”. Jolin Tsai, who keeps breaking through herself, what surprises will she bring in the upcoming Kuaishou exclusive concert? Which 14 golden songs will she sing? Now on Kuaishou, you can also vote for your favorite songs and participate in activities to unlock concert tickets, Write your confession wishes in the comment area. At 8pm on July 14th, listen to Jolin Tsai singing to you in Kuaishou, and help you realize your wish under the witness of thousands of veterans!

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