Home Entertainment Mr. Mi 10 years of sharpening his sword pushes “Our Ten Years of WE LIVE Live Ten Records” to reproduce the hard-to-find commemorative concert-China Entertainment Network

Mr. Mi 10 years of sharpening his sword pushes “Our Ten Years of WE LIVE Live Ten Records” to reproduce the hard-to-find commemorative concert-China Entertainment Network

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Mr. Mi 10 years of sharpening his sword pushes “Our Ten Years of WE LIVE Live Ten Records” to reproduce the hard-to-find commemorative concert-China Entertainment Network

  China Entertainment News www.yule.com.cn Mr. Mo, the Golden Melody Orchestra, recently released a new album “Our Ten Years of WE LIVE Live Ten Recordings”, recreating the hard-to-find “WE Our Ten Years” concert for the 10th anniversary of the formation of the army with live recordings. Mr. Mi, who has been busy with the production of his new album recently, used his free time to enrich himself after finishing his concert at the end of last year, and some members of the group were also busy with major life events. Bass player Yinuo revealed that in March this year, he will enter the auditorium with his girlfriend outside the circle who has been in the long-distance love race for the fifth year. Although he is busy preparing for the wedding, he is full of happiness, which makes the group members who grew up together very gratified. The lead singer Sheng Hao said: “Seeing Enuo complete the important event in life, we are very happy and touched for him!” The team members left time early, so that they would not miss Enuo’s wedding, and Enuo laughed and said: “You not only have to come To participate, the best situation is to perform at the wedding!”

Shenghao was busy repaying the “song debt” that he had accumulated for a long time after the concert, and finally handed over a song that satisfied him during the Chinese New Year. He revealed that not only Mr. Mi’s own songs, but he also composed and wrote songs for many people. “When the members heard the demo, they all wanted to keep it private for Mr. Mi. These creations will be met with fans one after another this year. I hope to give you new surprises and sensory enjoyment!”

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Guitarist Zhe’an returned from a trip to Japan. He was full of confidence after experiencing the shock and collision of different cultures. He joked that he seemed to be able to write 600 songs, and his creativity exploded. Leaving the comfort zone has a great impact on the body and mind, and you will also get real relaxation. There is a feeling of restarting and returning to zero, gaining the strength to start again, so as soon as the plane lands and returns home, I feel as if I can write many songs at once!” Drummer Yifan also specially flew to Japan to witness the cheerful performance of legendary drummer Hiroyuki Noritake, and drew inspiration from it. He shouted with vigor, “I’m ready for the energy of the new album!”

During the Chinese New Year period, guitarist Xiao B charged his full battery in his hometown of Tainan, played mahjong with his father, chatted with his mother, made coffee for his family, and celebrated his grandma’s 90th birthday. “It really feels like ‘it’s good to be home'” in the quiet daily life of family members. Sheng Hao also felt relieved and said: “I heard many relatives and friends talking about the 10th anniversary concert when I went home this time. I also felt that my family members affirmed Mr. Mi and would tell us, ‘Everyone around me is very supportive of Mr. Mi. ’ or get autographs for friends, etc., I feel that I have made my family proud.”

The live album “Our Ten Years of WE LIVE Live Ten Recordings”, which has been brewing for 10 years, contains 10 classic best-selling songs of Mr. Mi, and returns to the night that touched thousands of people. goosebumps. Mr. Mi revealed that at first he only planned to keep his emotions on that night, but the new arrangement of the concert was well received, and the audience’s reaction and interaction and chorus also made the members unforgettable. Therefore, through the extremely tense and delicate The live recording album retains Mr. Mo’s unique rendering power.

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Mr. Mo will set foot on the European continent in mid-February and go to Sweden and the United Kingdom to sing. As the departure time gradually counts down, it also makes them excited that they have not performed overseas for a long time. Mr. Mo said: “We are also looking forward to the next The same scenery, music culture, people and things will bring Mr. Mo new inspiration and stimulation, and help accelerate the creation of the new album.” When Mr. Mo went to Paris to perform last time, he was inspired to quickly complete the song “Voice” locally. Sheng Hao said: “At that time, I immediately wrote down the openness, comfort and happiness I felt in Paris. I believe that this European trip will definitely inspire new things. I am looking forward to this European performance.”

The live version of the MV for the finale song “Voice” recorded in “Our Ten Years of WE LIVE Live Ten Recordings” will be launched at 8:00 p.m. Mr Moose. For more recent activities, you can check Mr. Mi, Believe Music’s official Weibo, and WeChat.

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