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Narco plane in Chaco: they investigate whether the cocaine belonged to a transnational cartel

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Narco plane in Chaco: they investigate whether the cocaine belonged to a transnational cartel

While the investigation continues for the plane crash in the province of Chaco that ended with the discovery of almost 325 kilos of cocaine inside the crashed plane, now the detectives turned the investigation around determining if the hijacked shipment belongs to a transnational drug organization investigated since last year, while they tried to locate the two crew members who operated the aircraft at the time of impact and suffered injuries, in addition to two other people who rescued them in a van after the fall.

The general commissioner Juan Ramón Duarte, general director of Problematic Consumption of the Chaco Police, assured in statements to the channel C5N that cocaine hijacked”It could have something to do with the cause that is being carried out together with the National Gendarmerie since last yearand that involves a transnational gang, which uses the Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina route, to then send it to Europe.

The key images to identify the owners of cocaine

One of the keys to identify the owner of the seized cocaine are the images of an open hand and the face of a bearded man who carried each of the seized drug loaves on their front.

Chaco: a small plane carrying more than 300 kilos of cocaine stored ‘in loaves’ crashed

“This is not the first time that cocaine loaves have been seized with these images on the front,” he told telam a researcher, who explained that each drug cartel uses a different logo to identify the drug it sells and its quality.

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“We are working with the Gendarmerie, We have spent several months investigating the layout of the planes precisely in that area“, explained the police chief, who confirmed that operations were carried out to try to locate “the pilot and his companion who, according to local statements, were a couple.”

According to Commissioner General Duarte, both crew members of the Cessna 210 Turbo Centurion II plane, with a red and white Bolivian registration CP-3123, were rescued “by two other people who took them away in a van, in which they also carried two backpacks.”

Looking for the crew

I don’t think they have gone very far because a lock operation was carried out immediately“Duarte said, adding that inquiries were made” to all hospitals, health clinics or pharmacies where someone has bought something for some type of injury, but for the moment the result was negative“.

Argentina is one of the countries where the consumption of cocaine and psychoactive substances grows the most

“Apparently since there wasn’t that much damage We believe that it was flying very low and had a malfunction or wanted to go down, but it is a very ugly road and the wing was able to touch a wire fence and stuck the tip“, assured the commissioner on the hypothesis of the fall to the ground.

Judicial spokesmen affirmed to telam what “It is frequent” that the most important drug cartels subcontract other gangs that deal with the transfer of cocaineeither by air or land, according to its final destination, and that in this specific case it is believed that the damaged plane could have been stolen some time ago from an airfield in Chaco and that it had a forged license plate.

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What’s more, Commissioner Duarte specified that they made “contact with people from Drugs in Bolivia to provide more information about who was authorized to fly the plane and who is the owner”, although he clarified that “it could be a duplicate license plate or it could have been stolen”.

On the other hand, the federal prosecutor’s office of Roque Saénz Peña ordered that the damaged aircraft be submitted to new expert reports to try to establish if fingerprints can be extracted from the two pilots.

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the researchers They suspect that the plane may have been “cleaned” after having fallen to prevent traces from being raised.

The discovery of the plane with cocaine

The event occurred around 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, five kilometers from the rural establishment known as “La Aurora”, on Avía Terai, Independencia Department, and from National Route 16, near a primary school and about 200 kilometers from the city of Resistencia.

Judicial sources reported that the plane fell between a rural road and a field, possibly when it was making a low flight to throwing the bundles of cocaine in the form of “bombing”, one of the most frequent maneuvers used in that area.

The locals alerted the Concepción del Bermejo police station, so they immediately went to the place.

However, upon arriving at the scene, the troops discovered that there were no injured or dead people and they found the aircraft overturned, with the load of 10 green rectangular loaves that contained cocaine inside.

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The weighing of the shipment determined that there were 324,500 kilos of cocaine, which remained at the disposal of federal justice.

Eyewitnesses assured investigators that two people with apparent injuries were rescued and transferred in a van after the plane crashed.

Given this situation, the Justice issued an alert to all hospitals in the area to report if they registered the admission of two people with injuries, with the intention of identifying and detaining the crew of the aircraft. Investigators were trying to determine where the cargo was headed and the whereabouts of the pilot and other occupants.


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