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National Day and other airborne Wang Yibo’s “The King of the Sky” and Wang Junkai’s “Returning Miles” to support? _movie_china_theme

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National Day and other airborne Wang Yibo’s “The King of the Sky” and Wang Junkai’s “Returning Miles” to support? _movie_china_theme

Original title: Airborne Wang Yibo’s “King of the Sky” Wang Junkai’s “Returning Miles” to support the National Day file?

Sohu Entertainment‘s Zhuangao (Hamaiwen) is only ten days away from the National Day release. So far, there is no clear release for a film, and there is no pre-sale.

However, it can still be seen that some films are continuing to be promoted, such as “The King of the Sky” and “The Way Back”, so the industry generally believes that they are very likely to be released on National Day.

There are also some films, such as “No Name”, “Deep Sea” and “China Ping Pong”, which have also launched publicity actions before, and they are expected to be released in 2022, which may be set for the National Day file, but now there seems to be no movement.

“The King of the Sky” and “The Way Back Home” support?

“King of the Sky” is produced by Han Han’s Shanghai Tingdong Films, Ali Films, Huaxia Films, China Films, Bona Films, etc., produced by Han Han, directed by Liu Xiaoshi, starring Wang Yibo, Hu Jun, Zhou Dongyu, etc. It is about the test flight member’s story. This movie is a standard commercial theme theme, with positive energy, with the help of traffic stars, and the producers behind it are the main players in the industry.

“Homecoming” is a new work by Rao Xiaozhi, the director of “The Unknown” and “The Crowd”, starring Zhang Yi, Wang Junkai, Yin Tao, etc. It tells the story of the evacuation of overseas Chinese from war-torn places in North Africa, and is also the main theme. The producers behind the film include Huace Pictures, Rao Xiaozhi’s Shenzhen Yiyi Yiyi Culture Media, Guo Fan’s Guo Fan Pictures, and Luyang’s Beijing Free Cool Whale Pictures.

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There is also a main theme movie “Iron Will”. It is rumored that it may be released on the National Day. The film is produced by North United Film and Television Group, Bona Films, Huaxia Films, etc., directed by Ning Haiqiang, and starring Liu Ye, Han Xue, Lin Yongjian, Zhang Guoqiang, etc. It tells the story of steelmaking in Northeast China in 1948.

Will “No Name”, “Deep Sea” and “China Ping Pong” be absent?

The main theme, Bona, has finished the films to be released, including “No Name” and “Ordinary Heroes”. Will the National Day file choose one of the two?

“Anonymous”, “Chinese Doctor” and “Changjin Lake” were called by Bona as “China‘s Trilogy of Victory”, directed by Cheng Er, director of “The History of the Death of Romantic”, starring Tony Leung and Wang Yibo. It is about the peace period between Japan and Jiang. The story of underground CCP members who risked sending intelligence to defend the motherland. The addition of Wang Yibo has made the film continuously exposed since the official announcement, and the popularity is very high, but it is uncertain whether it will be released on the National Day.

“Ordinary Hero” is directed by Chen Guohui, starring Li Bingbing, Feng Shaofeng, Lin Yongjian, Perlman Parehatti, etc. The film is adapted from the true story of doctors, crew members, passengers, policemen and other people from all walks of life in Xinjiang who crossed 1,400 kilometers and lasted 8 hours to create a life miracle in the “Speed ​​of Life and Death” rescue and treatment of the broken arm boy in Hotan, Xinjiang.

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If you can make a choice, from a commercial point of view, obviously “No Name” is more suitable for National Day files than “Ordinary Heroes”.

In 2020, Guangguang released its key animation “Jiang Ziya” on the National Day file. This year, Ray’s other animation “Deep Sea” has been confirmed to be launched within the year. It is feasible to set it in the National Day file after missing the summer season. It is one of the most popular animations this year. “Deep Sea” is the original work of “The Return of the Great Sage” director Tian Xiaopeng. It has been done for many years and is highly anticipated.

China Ping Pong” is a new film by Deng Chao and Yu Baimei, starring Deng Chao, Sun Li, Xu Weizhou, Duan Bowen, Cai Yida, Ding Guansen, etc. It tells the story of the Chinese table tennis men’s team in the early 1990s. The film is produced by Xiamen Hengye Pictures, iQiyi Pictures, Deng Chao’s Tianjin Orange Image, etc.

What other movies are suitable for National Day?

In addition to the above, “Peacekeeping and Riot Team” starring Huang Jingyu and Wang Yibo, “Prosecutors” starring Huang Jingyu and Bai Baihe, “Shocking Rescue” starring Du Jiang and Wang Qianyuan, “Search and Rescue” starring Donnie Yen and Han Xue, Han Geng, Yin Fang starred in “Zero Limit”, which are all films that are suitable for the National Day atmosphere and have the characteristics of the main theme. However, judging from the recent exposure, it is unlikely that they will be airborne.

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Comedies and romance films are also in stock, but judging from the list of National Day films in recent years, these types are less likely to be released.

The comedy Dapeng has two “Keep You Safe” and “Warm”, Happy Twist has “Super Family”, and Su Liang, the screenwriter who wrote “Hong Kong 囧”, “Father and Son Heroes” and “Monster Hunt 2”, became the director. The “Learning Dad” filmed is also waiting for release. The romantic film Huayi has “Love is Delicious”, directed by Chen Zhengdao and starring Li Chun, Zhang Hanyun and Wang Ju.

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