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New Balance’s WARPED RUNNER Takes the Fashion World by Storm at Paris Fashion Week

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New Balance’s latest shoe model, the WARPED RUNNER, has taken the fashion world by storm during fashion week in major cities around the world. The shoe made its mark on the streets of New York, London, Milan, and Paris, with supermodel You Tianyi and other fashion pioneers showcasing its light style and attitude during Paris Fashion Week. The WARPED RUNNER shoes perfectly blended sports technology and fashion experience, demonstrating New Balance’s innovative concept.

Not only did the WARPED RUNNER shoes make an impression on the runways, but they also frequently appeared in celebrity street shots and fashion photography. With their smooth lines and abstract design, these shoes exuded a fashionable and sporty feel, giving them a futuristic edge.

The WARPED RUNNER line introduced two limited edition colors in October, namely “Electric Blue” and “Sapphire Green.” These avant-garde colors beautifully complemented the innovative shapes of the shoes, ushering in a new era of fashion from a fresh perspective.

Sporting enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike can rejoice as the “Electric Blue” and “Sapphire Green” colored WARPED RUNNER shoes will officially launch on October 18, 2023. The shoes will be available for purchase on New Balance’s official channels in mainland China, with a retail price of 1,099 yuan.

New Balance, a renowned jogging shoe brand with a century-long history, was founded by William J. Riley in Boston, the marathon city of the United States, in 1906. The brand’s dedication to manufacturing excellence and continuous breakthroughs has resulted in top-quality products that cater to running enthusiasts and professional athletes. By constantly improving technological materials, product appearance, and comfort, New Balance aims to provide athletes with the tools they need to maximize their athletic potential and lead balanced and comfortable lives.

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For more information about New Balance, interested individuals can follow the brand’s official Weibo and WeChat public platforms. To check out the extraordinary shopping experience offered by New Balance, customers can visit the brand’s official mall, Tmall flagship store, or JD flagship store.

With the WARPED RUNNER collection, New Balance continues to push boundaries and set new standards in the world of fashion and sports technology.

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