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news blog | Drone attack on Moscow – high-rise building damaged

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news blog |  Drone attack on Moscow – high-rise building damaged

News blog about the Ukraine war

Russia reports new drone attack on Moscow

From dpa, afp, Reuters, t-online

Updated on 07/30/2023 – 03:52 Reading time: 55 min.

Russian Defense Line: Video shows Ukrainian tanks encountering the “Dragon’s Teeth” for the first time. (Source: t-online)

Day 522: Putin defends repression in Russia. There is said to have been an attack on a bridge to the Crimea. All information in the news blog.

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Drone attack on Moscow – high-rise building damaged

3.10 a.m.: The Russian capital Moscow has again become the target of a drone attack. Two drones were shot down on Sunday night, the Russian state news agency Tass reported, citing local authorities and rescue services. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin wrote on Telegram: “Ukrainian drones attacked last night.” The facade of two office buildings was slightly damaged.

Baza, a popular Telegram channel in Russia, said: “Residents of the Odintsovo and Krasnogorsk districts in the Moscow region are reporting explosions. Most likely, we are talking about the work of air defense on drones. Thus, residents of the districts reported four sounds of explosions in the sky.”

The Russian state news agency Tass reported an explosion at a 50-storey building, the “IQ Quarter” in the city center. Windows were broken on the fifth and sixth floors, rescue workers were on duty, it said.

Ukraine: Attack on Sumy – one dead

2.10 a.m.: According to official information, at least one civilian was killed in a Russian rocket attack on the north-eastern Ukrainian city of Sumy on Saturday evening. Police said five other people were injured in the attack, which also hit an educational facility. Police officers, security forces and doctors are on site to deal with the consequences of a fire caused by the attack.

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According to the public Ukrainian media outlet Suspilne, a building of the educational institution hit by the rocket attack at around 8:00 p.m. (7:00 p.m. CEST) was destroyed. In early July, three people were killed and 21 others injured in a Russian drone attack on Sumy.

Putin defends repression in Russia with war

1.15 a.m.: Russian President Vladimir Putin has defended the increasing repression against critical voices in the country and declared it an “armed conflict” against Ukraine. When asked by a journalist about the arrest of two government critics at a press conference on Saturday, Putin said literally: “The year is 2023 and the Russian Federation is involved in an armed conflict with a neighbor. And I think we have to have a certain attitude towards the people take that harm us domestically.”

Putin added: “We have to keep in mind that in order for us to be successful, even in a conflict area, everyone has to follow certain rules.”

Putin made his statements in response to a question from a journalist from the Russian newspaper Kommersant if he wanted to comment on the arrests of political scientist Boris Kagarlizky and Yevgenia Berkovich in recent weeks. The journalist had asked if it was “normal” that the two were arrested because of “the words they said or wrote”.

Putin replied that he was hearing their names “for the first time” and “don’t really understand what they did or what was done to them”. However, he wanted to give his “general opinion on the problem”.

Dead after rocket hit in Zaporizhia reported

12:55 a.m.: As a result of a Russian rocket attack on the southern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia, two people have died, according to official sources. The dead are a man and a woman, said the secretary of the city council, Anatoly Kurtyev, on Saturday. Another woman was injured. The blast from the detonation destroyed the windows of a high-rise building, an educational facility and a supermarket.

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