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“No incentives, cars ignored by the budget law”. Unrae anger

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ROME – Bitter end of the year for the automotive sector. In addition to the problems associated with the chronic decline in vehicle sales, which has already severely tested the survival of many operators, the sector collects the lack of concrete support from the government. “All that remains is to express bewilderment at the Institutions’ decision to totally ignore the incentives for the passenger car and light commercial vehicle market in the Budget Law – underlines Unrae in a note – The most recent political announcements have in fact been completely disregarded. on the importance of the ecological transition and on the role of the automotive sector; an absence of a strategy, or perhaps a strategy itself, which will inevitably make the social and economic costs of the transition fall exclusively on consumers, workers and businesses and which risks relegating Italy to a sort of “second tier” market – in Europe – due to the diffusion of new technologies and the age and obsolescence of the fleet “.

The analysis of the national Union representing foreign motor vehicles then focuses on the positive impulse towards the electric transition obtained thanks to the incentives. “Yet in the last year, thanks to the incentives for the purchase of new zero- and low-emission vehicles, the so-called electrified cars (full-electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid) have increased by 116% (more than doubling volumes In addition, 350,000 cars were scrapped, more than 90% with over 10 years of life and therefore highly polluting and unsafe, allowing the environment to save around 215,000 tons of CO2 a year. In short, albeit in a particularly complex period, it seemed that the foundations had been laid to start the path towards a new, more sustainable mobility. Now everything has stopped ”.

At the moment, in fact, only a favorable opinion of the Government has been expressed on an agenda presented by the Honorable Antonio Pentangelo, linked to the Budget Law, which commits the executive to foresee a financing plan for private green mobility. “At this point it becomes impossible to postpone and urgent – concludes Unrae – to have a concrete response to the many unanswered appeals, and to the countless interlocutions that have generated reassurances which were then disregarded, on how the Italian Government intends to define, in agreement with the main Associations sector, the agenda for the coming months and years in terms of purchase incentives for the latest generation of cars, acceleration of the turnover of vehicles in circulation, development of recharging infrastructures and reform of the sector’s tax policy “. In short, for the automotive sector, the road to 2022 is already all uphill. (maurilio rigo)


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