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Nova Skellis – Life Amongst The Damned – Album Review

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Nova Skellis – Life Amongst The Damned – Album Review

Nova Skellis – Life Amongst The Damned
USA / Italy / Germany
Release: 04.04.2023
Label: metalloscope music

Genre: Power Metal / US Metal

The head of the 2018 founded Nova Skellis is an old acquaintance of the US heavy metal scene. Finally is Edward Green aka Falcon Eddie with Phantom been on the scene since the 1980s. He took this reunion as an opportunity to gather a few illustrious comrades-in-arms to get a taste of international music.

He then found those comrades-in-arms in the person of Jörg Quaquil from Germany, who was previously at Tharn and Living Fast who worked the skins and the Italian Alex Spalvieri, who previously played the strings lightblaze, Necromant or Bad Moon Caravan bewitched. Release after previously four jointly created songs Nova Skellis now with Life Amongst The Damned the first full-length album physically as a CD in a digipack. This is also available as a special fan pack with all sorts of delicacies such as banderole, pick and band photo.

Varied US Metal without lengths

The debut is excellent. The opener and title track Life Amongst The Damned is a classic heavy metal track with rough, polyphonic screams, a strong riff-driven guitar work and a rhythm fraction that is stable and pushes the song forward. The audio sample is there HERE. And, Falcon Eddie cannot deny his origins in the US metal scene. And the guitars in particular often set important accents Life Amongst The Damnedapart from their unique sound, which you haven’t heard that often on a Power Metal record and which Nova Skellis quite independent.

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The trio is also strong when the tempo is reduced and the songs have an almost Doom-like menace, as in All The Comfort Of The Graveyardthat you HERE can hear. For me one of the best songs on the record. A few guests are allowed to open the three warriors Life Amongst The Damned welcome too. On Something Wicked This Way Comes supports Jurgen Vollmer on guitar, and on the classic power metal song Fall in Line Tomás Kittsteiner plays the big strings.

More light than shadow

On a positive note, that Nova Skellis never put their instrumental finesse in the foreground and don’t fail to let something like atmosphere flow into their songs. That would be different with songs like the final eight-minute track Once Upon A Time don’t work either. The singing of Falcon Eddie goes perfectly with the music at all times.

The pace, of course, is not forgotten, as in Skull Full Of Bees or Mother, May I?that her HERE can hear. Also for metal fans who don’t focus on power metal Nova Skellis score with their debut with full and varied songs.

This debut can only be described as successful. Nova Skellis prove up Life Amongst The Damnedthat they can create an album without lengths and major flaws and that they have what it takes to stir up the international metal scene. 9 / 10

Line Up
Edward Green – Gesang, Bass
Alex Spalvieri – guitar
Jörg Quaquil – drums
guest musician
Thomas Kittsteiner
Jurgen Vollmer

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01. Life Amongst The Damned
02. Gods To Strike You Down
03. Fall In Line
04. Wicked Child
05. Morrigan’s Network
06. Skull Full Of Bees
07. Something Wicked This Way Comes
08. All The Comfort Of The Graveyard
09. Mother, May I?
10. Once Upon A Time

Facebook Nova Skellis
Bandcamp Nova Skellis

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