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Olhava – Sacrifice – Album Review

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Olhava – Sacrifice – Album Review

Olhava – Sacrifice
Origin: Saint Petersburg / Russia
Release: 26.01.2024
Label: Avantgarde Music
Duration: 41:33
Genre: Post Black Metal / Blackgaze

Post-metal fans, beware! They are sent from distant Saint Petersburg I looked to the faithful congregation with their second work Sacrifice to make happy. Two years after the debut work Reborn The musicians see their sophomore album as the logical step after their atmospherically dense debut. In addition to the digital versions, there will also be physical versions on CD and vinyl.

Also Sacrifice comes up with almost endless soundscapes and arcs of suspense that are majestically built and stretched in front of the listener. And very detailed, the songs are well over ten minutes long, Ageless River is a work of breaks spanning several parts between the individual long tracks, which accompanies the entire album. The five epics are always melodic. They are about rebirth, reflecting on yourself and the courage to try a new start.

Part of a cycle from rebirth to self-sacrifice

The theme of the album is in line with its predecessor Reborn, one can speak of a cycle here. Became single Eternal Fire released, although at just under twenty minutes you can already speak of a single epic, like you HERE can hear. Typical of post metal are, in addition to the excessive guitar escapades, the boiling, extremely fast drums and occasionally poisonous vocals, although the album is otherwise exclusively instrumental. Also the opener Forever With You is very convincing.

Fortunately find I looked a good middle ground between staying in a certain mood and a varied composition. The various timeless flows between each track certainly help. Anyone who has been following the band for a while is, after all Sacrifice The now sixth album will see a positive change, especially in the sound. Not necessarily to the direct predecessor, but definitely to the first works. To Reborn one can more or less state that vested rights have been preserved.

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A logical sequel to its predecessor and thus an atmospherically dense and endlessly melodic post black metal album I looked create. Also Sacrifice should make many friends in the community. 8,5 / 10

Line Up
Andrey Novozhilov – guitars, vocals
Tim Yusupov – drums, guitar on Reflection
Mikhail Kurochkin – recording, mixing and mastering

1. Forever With You
2. Ageless River VI
3. I See Myself In Your Eyes
4. Ageless River VII
5. Eternal Fire
6. Ageless River VIII
7. Sacrifice
8. Ageless River IX

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Bandcamp Olhava

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