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Open Mic Tonight: Behind-the-Scenes Stories of the Spring Festival Gala

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The Second Season of “Open Mic Tonight” Premieres with Special Guests

The highly anticipated second season of the popular variety show “Open Mic Tonight” is set to air today at 21:10 on Dragon TV and BesTV. The theme of the season premiere is “My Spring Festival and Me”, with host Yue Yunpeng and special guests Cai Ming, Pan Changjiang, Sun Yue, and Liu Wei. The show promises to bring unexpected behind-the-scenes stories of the Spring Festival Gala.

Liu Wei, one of the guests, made a grand entrance by driving an excavator onto the stage and singing a New Year’s song. He also showcased his comedy talent related to music and even imitated fellow guest Sun Yue, much to the delight of the audience.

Cai Ming, who has accompanied audiences through 28 Spring Festival Galas, displayed her sharp tongue and wit on the open mic stage. She discussed the “sweet troubles” faced during the Spring Festival and offered humorous insights into common situations experienced by young people during the Chinese New Year.

Pan Changjiang, another frequent guest of the Spring Festival Gala, shared behind-the-scenes stories from his previous experiences. He also reminisced about his first collaboration with Cai Ming and expressed his happiness at working with her despite being “knocked out” by her in their sketch.

Sun Yue, who challenged “crosstalk” for the first time on the show, partnered with Yue Yunpeng and shared her nervousness and “comeback” journey after choosing to return to her family after becoming popular.

The second season of “Open Mic Tonight” is expected to be filled with laughter, heartfelt stories, and unforgettable moments as the guests share their experiences and anecdotes from the Chinese New Year.

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The text and pictures for the show were provided by the program team, and the article was reported by Gong Weifeng with editing by Zhan Xiwei. Don’t miss the premiere of “Open Mic Tonight” for an entertaining and insightful look at the Spring Festival Gala.

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