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“Overcoming Thorns-Haier Night” lineup official announcement: Yin Zhenggao, Hanyu and Bai Jugang reunited on stage

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Since the official announcement of Mango TV “Night of Haier” on October 31, as the show time approaches, the audience has become more and more curious about the lineup of artists for this show.

Today, the “Night of Haier” finally unveiled the mystery of the guest lineup. Yin Zheng, Gao Hanyu, Bai Jugang, Qi Sijun, Li Sha? Artists such as Zi, Mo Dong Shan Ba, Pan Xiaoting, Hammer Na Lisa, and Picktao will join the show. They will lead the audience to open a different immersive game through the stage show that ignited the audience and the challenge of smart and fun trendy challenges. Interactive tour!

  Announced the suspense to the poetry official, the brother squad will gather again on stage

This time, “Overcoming Thorns: Haier Night” innovatively used the form of co-creation of poems to publicize the artist lineup. Artists such as Yin Zheng, Gao Hanyu, Bai Jugang and others participated in succession, using “Intelligent and Trendy Haier Night” as the Shanghai Lian to give full play to their brains. Wisdom confronted the copywriting of Xialian, which aroused enthusiastic discussion and participation of netizens.

Prior to this, the official released a set of suspense sketches of artists, inviting the majority of netizens to participate in poems. The sketch is based on the intelligent life scene of Haier Zhijia Triwing Bird. The comic image of the artist stands in the scene. At the same time, the picture is decorated with elements related to the artist’s traits such as plum blossom, husky, and guitar. The interesting sketch has caused netizens to speculate about joining the party. Who are your brothers? Before the official announcement, many fans had guessed that the guests in the sketch were the three brothers Yin Zheng, Gao Hanyu, and Bai Jugang.

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At present, “Brother Overcoming Thorns” has just concluded. This time, we can see the stage and interaction of the brothers in “Night of Thorns Haier”. This is undoubtedly a surprise “additional meal” for fans. The real world Yin Zheng, Gao Hanyu in charge of the funny, and Bai Jugang, a rock boy, formed a squad that came to the party. People can’t help but look forward to the exciting stage and interesting interaction of the three brothers!

  Smart Fun Challenges Super Exciting Host Group Stars Join the Battle

In addition, “Overcoming Thorns: Haier Night” invited Hunan Satellite TV’s popular host Li Sha? Zi and Qi Sijun joined the party. They will not only serve as the host of the party, but also participate in the challenge with the guests. There is no doubt about the business abilities of the two presenters. This time, we can see their different sides on the stage, which is also full of expectations. In addition, there is also an adapted version of the childhood brainwashing divine comedy brought by the magic flash tyrant combination, let’s turn the audience together!

It is reported that as the initiator of this evening party, Haier Zhijia created a real tribal life scene 1:1 for the five tribes of cute pets, food, fashion, health, and players. Hosts and artists will participate in various tribes. Challenge through levels and open an immersive interactive experience of intellectual fun and trendy!

The specific stage performances and game links of the party are still in the official announcement. From the official release of the main visual posters of the party, the artist suspense posters and official announcement posters, the artist pre-heating videos and creative videos, etc., this time “Overcome the Thorns·Hale Night” is full of highlights! Want to know what kind of surprises the party will have? At 19:00 on October 31st, Mango TV “Haier Night-Haier 11.11 Smart Life”, so stay tuned!

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