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Pesto Sauce – Panelaterapia

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Pesto Sauce – Panelaterapia

Every time I do this Pesto Sauce recipe I wonder why it takes me so long to do it again! After all, it is a very easy, quick and simple recipe to make and with a wonderful flavor!

I remember that when I hadn’t tasted it and imagined that the taste was strong because of the basil (which is a very aromatic herb), but I was wrong because it’s not strong at all, it’s sensational!

The Origin of Pesto Sauce

Pesto sauce comes from Italy, of course, more specifically from Liguria, which is northwest of Italy. This delicacy is known for its combination of fresh and intense flavors. It is mainly used as a sauce for pasta (with an emphasis on linguine or trofie), but it can also be incorporated into an infinite variety of dishes.

Try serving it with fish

Arrival in Brazil

Pesto sauce arrived in Brazil thanks to Italian immigration, which immediately won over Brazilian hearts and palates. Italian immigration to Brazil was significant during the late 19th century and early 20th century, especially in the south and southeast regions of the country.

This great immigration brought with it not only its customs, but also its traditional recipes, techniques and use of ingredients, so, over time and with the establishment of Italian communities in Brazil, Italian recipes were integrated into local cuisine, mixing the old ones. traditions with new ingredients found on this side of the Atlantic and that story brings us to our pesto sauce.

The Pesto Sauce

Pesto sauce, with its fresh flavor and simple ingredients, has become very popular in many Brazilian kitchens. Furthermore, the globalization of the gastronomic universe thanks to the dissemination of international dishes through cooking programs, recipe books and the internet itself has also played an important role. in the introduction and incorporation of pesto sauce into Brazilian cuisine.

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Nowadays, pesto sauce is easily found in supermarkets and is widely used in pasta recipes, salads, sandwiches and other dishes in Brazil. Its versatility, characteristic flavor and ease of finding ingredients helped this recipe win over many palates, and then pesto became a sauce that appealed to Brazilians.

You need to try it because it was divine

My Pesto Sauce Recipe

You know me, so don’t expect that attachment to tradition from me, but rather practicality combined with flavor, after all, with me, I don’t have much time to invent fashion, it’s speed+whatever’s in the fridge+flavor. Come check it out then:


1 cup (tea) of washed and dried basil leaves;
10 walnuts (I used pecans);
60g of parmesan cheese;
150 ml of olive oil;
2 garlic cloves;
black pepper and salt to taste.

You can never have too much basil, be careful! Way of doing

Just put all the ingredients in the processor, mixer or blender and turn it into a wonderful sauce, taste the salt, and add it at the end. So easy that it doesn’t even need to be cooked. Then cook the pasta and add the sauce on top. This amount of sauce serves a little more than half a packet of pasta (approximately 300g of raw pasta and serves up to 4 people).

Tips for not ruining your sauce

– You can store this sauce in a clean jar for up to 1 month in the refrigerator, but it must not contain any water, as humidity causes it to spoil quickly, so wash and dry the leaves well before using in the recipe.
– The original recipe uses Pinoli (seeds that resemble almonds), but they are expensive and difficult to find, so you can use whatever nuts you like best.

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Here are suggestions for your Pesto Sauce

If you want to see how I made my recipe in a quick video, just watch it below:

However, if you are looking for more ideas to highlight your sauce, I recommend a Zucchini Garlic Pasta or this Garlic Pasta, which is obviously a hit here, also known as Eggplant Tower.

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